19:04 pm
Hey Fam! Getting started here at Liberty Sq
19:04 pm
Lady is Facilitating. A few announcements already happened. Incl Occupy Town Square tmmrw, Wash.Sq 11am-5pm #ows #nycga
19:05 pm
Anncmt Nan - No thanks to FWG there is a proposal to ban me from the movement on Tues. This mvmt isnt for billionares. #ows #nycga
19:06 pm
Anncmt - PR - On nycga.net there is a form on our blog that you can submit to get a press release for your events or actions. #ows #nycga
19:07 pm
Anncmt - Occupy Newark - We have infrastructure to handle lots of people, we have permission from the city council to be there. #ows #nycga
19:07 pm
Occupy Newark - We re-up our agreement in Military Park every 30 days. We have shelter and tents and just need people! #ows #nycga
19:08 pm
OccNewark - We have showering facilities and bathrooms and lots of supplies on their way. #ows #nycga
19:08 pm
Anncmt - Lou, Occupy Long Island - We had our first GA in Hampstead tonight! Just asking for your support. #ows #nycga
19:09 pm
Anncmt - Occupy LI - We had 100 people in a cmmty center, and plan to get a storefront as a hub for information. #ows #nycga
19:09 pm
Anncmt - Occupy Danbury - Check out our website for info! Good luck to everyone in the Movement! #ows #nycga
19:10 pm
The #ows #nycga is now moving to 60 Wall Street. Be back shortly!
19:19 pm
Now in 60 Wall Street, waiting for people to roll in. #ows #nycga
19:22 pm
My name is Lady, nice to see you! I'm supposed to be *co* facilitating, but he didn't show up, someone can step up to help. #ows #nycga
19:23 pm
[Atlanta] Jason steps up. Lady and Jason will be known as 'Stairs' for the rest of the night. #ows #nycga
19:23 pm
Stairs reviewing hand signals, stack, etc. #ows #nycga
19:28 pm
Stairs - 1st up - FUNHub! Presented by Yuri. #ows #nycga
19:28 pm
Yuri - FunHub is short for Fundraising Hub. Hub of information for fundraising and empower people to raise funds. #ows #nycga
19:29 pm
Yuri - Also connect people w/artisans who's skills would benefit them/their work. Also want to help find locations for events. #ows #nycga
19:30 pm
Yuri - FunHub meets every Monday at Noon at 60 Wall Street. #ows #nycga
19:31 pm
Opening stack on Clarifying Questions. CQ - Will the money go back to the general fund of the movement? #ows #nycga
19:32 pm
Yuri - We want to empower people to do their own fundraising for their own work and events. #ows #nycga
19:32 pm
Lady just stepped down as Facilitator feeling there is too much infighting and that she was set up. #ows #nycga
19:33 pm
Yuri - We are not taking any money, we want to help people develop their own work and do their own fundraiser. #ows #nycga
19:33 pm
Yuri - We want to make it so that people can be self-sustaining, as individuals as well as working groups. #ows #nycga
19:33 pm
CQ - Can you give a few more examples of what the work of your WG will actually look like? #ows #nycga
19:34 pm
Yuri - We will look at events already in motion to work with that event to create a fundraiser for that event that could... #ows #nycga
19:34 pm
Yuri - ... possibly go to the General Fund if it doesn't need to go to a specific WG or porject. #ows #nycga
19:35 pm
Yuri - We're trying to bring out the artist in you. Everything is literally an art. #ows #nycga
19:35 pm
Stack opening on Concerns. 1st Concern - Nan - I have a concern and Friendly Amendment - W/the budget freeze, if we do... #ows #nycga
19:36 pm
Nan - I would want to see transparency of how much money WGs raise and how much they give back to the Mvmt. #ows #nycga
19:37 pm
Yuri - My solution for that, each WG have to get a prepaid debit card so that Finance can track all the spending on that card. #ows #nycga
19:38 pm
CQ - Diego - Wouldnt giving money to a debit card be going through corporations and empowering Visa & Mastercard & Banks? #ows #nycga
19:39 pm
Diego - Isnt it against our principles to say its easier to do stuff online through a corporation than just write down receipts? #ows #nycga
19:39 pm
Yuri - I would be all for a credit union handling this if it were possible. But it needs to be unified and not at several. #ows #nycga
19:42 pm
Concern - Jack - Ive been in the bank card industry for 12yrs, every group should go to a credit union. Debit cards are BS. #ows #nycga
19:42 pm
Yuri - The debit card I'm thinking about is $3, the only problem I see with opening 90 credit union accounts is there is a lot.. #ows #nycga
19:43 pm
Yuri - ...of responsibility on the 2 individuals who open the account. OccupyDC had major issues with this. #ows #nycga
19:44 pm
Concern - Stack - You can go to the LES Credit Union & they will help you. You need to screen people carefully & check them out. #ows #nycga
19:45 pm
Concern - Its a whole lot of $ you are going to have to deal w/. Take time to figure this out. Debit card shld be out the window #ows #nycga
19:45 pm
Yuri - FA the working group can go to the credit union and give the information to Finance. #ows #nycga
19:46 pm
Stairs - This is turning into a back and forth and we want to limit that. #ows #nycga
19:46 pm
Stairs - Also, I'm not sure that you can add a Friendly Amendment that tells other WGs what to do. #ows #nycga
19:47 pm
CQ - Bless - We just want to make sure we know where our money is going correct? #ows #nycga
19:48 pm
Concern - Michael is singing his support for this proposal. Everyone claps and cheers. [Love him. - Ed.] #ows #nycga
19:49 pm
Stack now closed for Concerns. Since this is a WG formation proposal, we aren't going to take Friendly Amendments. #ows #nycga
19:51 pm
Yuri now restating proposal. Asking for (and explaining) stand asides. 1 - has a problem w/putting the $ into general fund. #ows #nycga
19:52 pm
Yuri - We're just giving WGs a way to autonomously fundraise for their actions. If its OWS endorsesed thats different. #ows #nycga
19:53 pm
Nan is also a stand aside because it deals w/money & earlier concerns were not properly addressed. Also wants privacy for WGs. #ows #nycga
19:53 pm
Yuri - This WG does not want any money ever. We will never ask for money. Want to help WGs sustain themselves. #ows #nycga
19:54 pm
3rd Stand Aside - WG mtgs should happen after 6 because people work. #ows #nycga
19:55 pm
Yuri - We will have one set mtg Mon, noon but will have others at fluctuating times anncd 48hrs in advanced. #ows #nycga
19:56 pm
Stairs - Are there any blocks? No blocks? None. Consensus. #ows #nycga
19:56 pm
Next proposal - Anti-War WG. Passing around a proposal for a declaration they want OWS to adopt. #ows #nycga
19:58 pm
Reading the Declaration now. Trying to get a link. Stay tuned... #ows #nycga
20:00 pm
[My internet is being mean to me, hopefully this works for you. -Ed.] http://t.co/2UHJITg1 #ows #nycga
20:04 pm
Declaration finished reading. Lots of uptwinkles. Opening stack on CQs. #ows #nycga
20:04 pm
CQ - Dallas - 'Stepping down' are we asking for step down from launch status or asking for full disarmament? #ows #nycga
20:05 pm
Anti-War (AW) - There are 2k missiles ready to fire. Stepping down that status wld be a good first step. #ows #nycga
20:05 pm
CQ - I'm wondering if there is a precedent for declarations like this? #ows #nycga
20:06 pm
AW - I can't say for sure, besides the Declaration of the Occupation of NYC. #ows #nycga
20:08 pm
CQ - Patrick - This is big step you are asking us to take we dont have any joint-declarations. Can you tell us more about AW WG? #ows #nycga
20:08 pm
AW - We've been mtg since October, but didnt become "official" til Jan1 cuz of process changes. Members are from OWS & Code Pink #ows #nycga
20:09 pm
CQ - Uncle Bob - As a former soldier who has been in the 3rd world, I'd like to know how you figure you'll get the US & Russia.. #ows #nycga
20:09 pm
CQ - UB cont'd ..to get rid of their weapons when so many countries & terrorist orgs are actively trying to acquire them? #ows #nycga
20:11 pm
AW - Thats a good Q. Its pretty obvious that the US is the largest superpower, & has done horrible things to not give that up... #ows #nycga
20:11 pm
AW - It'd be a huge step if the US made steps toward disarmament. #ows #nycga
20:11 pm
Uncle Bob - There is no practical reality base in this proposal. #ows #nycga
20:12 pm
CQ - What is 'Code Pink?' #ows #nycga
20:12 pm
AW - 'Code Pink' is an anti-war women's organization that has been in the park since day 1. #ows #nycga
20:13 pm
PoI - Michael is singing about switching military spending to co-community spending. [Really love him. - Ed.] #ows #nycga
20:16 pm
Stack on concerns open. - Lulu - Concerned about the provision to abolish NATO. I think NATO has sometime acted to end genocides #ows #nycga
20:17 pm
Lulu - That seems like a separate issue. AW - I can't really go into details on the purpose of NATO now, but it is relavent. #ows #nycga
20:19 pm
Concern - Bob - I have a concern that this Declaration is not well thought out, no way to be backed, & will discredit us... #ows #nycga
20:19 pm
Bob - Con't ...by having no reference of what is actually happening in the disarmament movement & the role of nukes... #ows #nycga
20:20 pm
Bob - cont - ... of preventing a first strike by another country. #ows #nycga
20:21 pm
Concern - Frances - I have concerns that groups have been working on this for decades & to make a blanket statement... #ows #nycga
20:21 pm
Frances - ... on behalf of OWS w/a few dozen people at a GA is idealistic. #ows #nycga
20:22 pm
Concern - Patrick - Maybe we've seen this before, I havent yet, I don't oppose it necessarily, I just dont know yet. #ows #nycga
20:23 pm
Patrick - A statement like this would benefit from more debate and discussion within the movement & occupation. #ows #nycga
20:24 pm
Patrick - It feels rushed. AW - I announced it at a GA at least 2 weeks ago. #ows #nycga
20:24 pm
C - Nan - The Anti War WG, I think you're great & I've followed you on nycga.net. This is a great doc, hitting nail on the head. #ows #nycga
20:27 pm
Concern from Occupy En Espanol - The world is not equal. Some nations need to defend themselves. #ows #nycga
20:29 pm
Opening stack on FAs - If this isnt going to work, I want something to, so maybe we could call for world peace. #ows #nycga
20:30 pm
AW - There are real problems that people suffer & not having these details in the declaration, just calling for peace is naive. #ows #nycga
20:30 pm
FA - John - Table this proposal for more input from the people, get more buy-in, look at how Visions & Goals proceeded. #ows #nycga
20:31 pm
AW - Declines that Friendly Amendment. #ows #nycga
20:32 pm
FA - Nan - I'd like to see more details on how more housing or hospitals would be achieved. How would we get more schools/books. #ows #nycga
20:32 pm
AW - Decline. Thats for other WGs to determine. #ows #nycga
20:34 pm
Sumumba PoP to remind us we're indoors and can only be here til 9:30pm. #ows #nycga
20:35 pm
FA - Dallas - Please change the word "burns" to "consumes," Uranium doesn't burn. AW - Accepted. Restating proposal now. #ows #nycga
20:37 pm
Stairs asking for Temperature check - Mostly positive. Asking for Stand Asides - 10. Asking for blocks. 1 block. #ows #nycga
20:39 pm
Stairs - Id like to say, w/that information, perhaps you should table. #ows #nycga AW - discussing amongst themselves briefly. #ows #nycga
20:40 pm
Bob voiced his block, too much cross-talk and I missed it. #ows #nycga
20:41 pm
Patrick, Stand Aside - I feel like we're rushing a declaration, we havent done the discussion around it. Lets work collectively. #ows #nycga
20:42 pm
Francis, SA - There are bully nations & other who have to defend themselves. #ows #nycga
20:44 pm
Mary - SA - I'm for peace, I just don't think this is the way to go about it. It seems like its going to be very violent. #ows #nycga
20:45 pm
Nan - I don't know why you guys who are concerned w/being non-violent. Why are you hating on these people who are doing work? #ows #nycga
20:46 pm
Anti-War Working Group has decided to table it and asking for more input. Tuesday 6pm, 60 Wall Street is our next meeting. #ows #nycga
20:47 pm
OccupyRoads is the next Agenda Item. Janet presenting. Jason stepping down so that Yoni can take over, but Nan blocks. #ows #nycga
20:48 pm
Nan's concern is that Yoni expresses personal opinions about he WG on nycga.net & can't facilitate appropriately. #ows #nycga
20:50 pm
Damien steps in, but people voice concerns. He steps back. Concerns about going to modified consensus to allow Yoni. Evan steps in instead.
20:53 pm
Evan - on to OccupyRoads - Evan reading - Here is the proposal on nycga.net http://t.co/pqEyj0I4 #ows #nycga
20:54 pm
Janet - I've spent 10k of my own money & wld like to be acknwledged by OWS since I can't ask for $ for the 2nd half of the trip. #ows #nycga
20:55 pm
Janet - We need to reach the 60% of the people who don't know what this is about. #ows #nycga
20:57 pm
.@PoweredByCats (me) drops the PoI that OWS does not "endorse" anything, but we can stand in #solidarity with you. #ows #nycga
21:00 pm
Stack on Concerns - Yoni - You don't need anyones permission to become a solidarity, as soon as you identify. This seems to go.. #ows #nycga
21:00 pm
... against the principles of autonomy and solidarity to send out a representative. #ows #nycga
21:01 pm
Janet - We have to be creative. (she said some more but I missed it.) #ows #nycga
21:02 pm
Concern - Please be careful who you allow in the bus, we had a situation where people came in your RV & disrupted our GA. #ows #nycga
21:03 pm
Concern - Stan echoes the last concern & says how can we trust you in other cities? #ows #nycga
21:03 pm
Janet says she gave some people a ride from Occupy Newark and really apologizes for what happened at that GA. #ows #nycga
21:05 pm
Temp Check on 5 min. No. Temp check on 3. No. Move right to consensus? No. #ows #nycga
21:07 pm
People want to move right to a vote. PoPs that we can't do that. The whole process is consensus process. Need to hear FAs. #ows #nycga
21:09 pm
FA from Amelia - Do not call yourself a 'representative.' Accepted. No stand asides. #ows #nycga
21:10 pm
One block from Yoni - You don't need our endorsement to do your work. This feels like building hierarchy. #ows #nycga
21:14 pm
Evan stepped down in disgust. Bana stepped up. #ows #nycga
21:14 pm
Yoni holds his block. #ows #nycga
21:16 pm
We are now moving to Modified Consensus. Bana counting. 45 in favor. 7 opposed. Proposal does not pass. #ows #nycga
21:19 pm
[Things erupting a bit here. People don't like the math, but numbers don't lie. -Ed.] Bana trying to get things under control #ows #nycga
21:21 pm
[I guess we're going back to the park to continue the GA and do the Accountability Proposal. I may go quiet for a minute. brb - Ed.]
21:43 pm
Back in LibertySq. Lots of chants of "Whose park? OUR PARK!" GA shld be back up in a few minutes. #ows #nycga
21:44 pm
To prevent Twitter jail, I'm going to switch to @LibertySqGA2 now while there's a lull. Meet me over there wont you? #seeyousoon #ows #nycga
21:44 pm
Well hello, nice to see you! #ows #nycga
21:49 pm
Bana back on Stairs, Alia on stacks. Sean handing out copies of the Accountability Proposal. http://t.co/WYhdN7l5 #ows #nycga
21:50 pm
Sean from Town Planning starting to read and explain the proposal. #ows #nycga
21:56 pm
[Sorry I'm missing things, got into a little tif with someone. I'll try harder. - Ed.]
21:57 pm
Lots of people seem to have problems with the fact there is no actual Code of Conduct yet & this wants to hold ppl to it. #ows #nycga
21:58 pm
Sean just wants to set a process in place for removal of ppl, since a proposal is coming up on Tues. #ows #nycga
21:59 pm
CQ - Have you considered what OccupyDC is doing? Including Dragons which are de-escalators. How can we make rules to remove ppl? #ows #nycga
22:00 pm
Sean - We have deescalation, there are things that ppl can't deescalate. Like a grp in CA wanting to run politicians in our name #ows #nycga
22:00 pm
Sean - If people say they are us, but aren't we should be able to deal with that. #ows #nycga
22:01 pm
CQ - Echo - I've seen this a few times in a few forms, there are dif strategies to a better world, this GA is one way its shown. #ows #nycga
22:02 pm
Sean - There are cases where we may have to use this on an individuals in addition to companies. #ows #nycga
22:03 pm
PoP - The GA is not a soapbox for denouncing people. #ows #nycga
22:04 pm
Sean in response to Nan - Town planning has been working on this for a long time. DA, etc was in support 2 months ago at spokes. #ows #nycga
22:05 pm
Sage - I believe Grievance Circle can allow people who want to not be a part of the mvmt by refusing to take part in Grievance #ows #nycga
22:06 pm
Sage - So maybe we should put our energy into determining that process. #ows #nycga
22:07 pm
Sean - The Grievance Process should be whats determining who is a part of the mvmt, but we dont have that yet. #ows #nycga
22:08 pm
Stack for Concerns - 1st - Who and how is going to determine who is going to get pushed out of the mvmt? And this will snowball #ows #nycga
22:08 pm
We shouldnt be pushing people away from the mvmt. This is opening pandora's box. #ows #nycga
22:09 pm
Sean - Pandora's box exists whether we acknowledge it or not. I hope we never have to use this. But it would be determined by #ows #nycga
22:10 pm
Bana steps in to tell Sean his repeated mentioning of the alleged rapes in the park. Charges were filed, but no convictions. #ows #nycga
22:11 pm
Concern - We come here to be a whole, and either we're together in this or we're not. #ows #nycga
22:11 pm
Sean - As a whole, we have to determine whether an individual or a group is just not a part of us. #ows #nycga
22:13 pm
Stack - I'd like to say we shouldnt not bicker about stupid shit & don't believe anyone should be removed from the mvmt. #ows #nycga
22:14 pm
Stack - I think there should extenuating circumstances for informants, etc. #ows #nycga
22:15 pm
Stack - We're going to leave a lot of people from this movement due to our inability to deal w/physical violence. #ows #nycga
22:16 pm
Stack - We need to have a mediation process for minor things, & if they choose not to do that, there has to be something... #ows #nycga
22:16 pm
stack ... in place if people choose not to be a part of that process. #ows #nycga
22:18 pm
Sean - We're working on passing a Cmmty Agreement. Grievance Process is also on its way. I think accountability is impt. #ows #nycga
22:19 pm
Stack - Nan - This mvmt is supposed to be for 99%. Im truly concerned that you have been following me on dif online networks. #ows #nycga
22:19 pm
Nan - I feel like you're stalking me. Spokes has already excluded ppl. Now you want GA to. GA is the people. #ows #nycga
22:19 pm
You have no right to kick me out just because we disagree. But we're part of the 99% and we have to put up with each other. #ows #nycga
22:20 pm
Sean - Actually this proposal says that sometimes people are doing the work of the 1% paid, or not. #ows #nycga
22:21 pm
PoI - We cannot kick someone out of a public park. #ows #nycga
22:21 pm
Stack - I don't like the idea of kicking someone out, we have to have a mediation process etc. #ows #nycga
22:22 pm
Stack - What does this actually look like? You came to us with very little. How do we actually enforce this? #ows #nycga
22:22 pm
Sean - We can do very little. We refuse to give them the benefits of our movement. No stack. No acknowledgement. Don't listen. #ows #nycga
22:23 pm
Sean - No benefit our food, or housing, or website. Etc. #ows #nycga
22:23 pm
Stack - But none of that is in your proposal. #ows #nycga
22:24 pm
Stack - Razer - We've had rapes in this park, and not held them accountable. Non stop prejudice. And no accountability. #ows #nycga
22:25 pm
Razor - The two people who have been banned are people of color, one has an accent, the other is a homeless person and was... #ows #nycga
22:25 pm
Razor - called the N word [this is an allegation for the record. -Ed.] There is no inclusivity in this mvmt. #ows #nycga
22:26 pm
Razor - You can be transphobic, racist, sexist, assaulted, and there is no accountability. People up for banning are targeted. #ows #nycga
22:27 pm
Razor - Call a spade a spade. (Lots of cross talk over him.) #ows #nycga
22:28 pm
Razor - I'm ashamed to be a part of this. I came here to fight this shit. And you're doing what I dont want to see in this world #ows #nycga
22:31 pm
Lots of screaming and cross talking. Stack for FAs is opening. #ows #nycga
22:33 pm
Bana - This grp has empowered me to facilitate this mtg. I apologize for going off process. #ows #nycga
22:34 pm
Stack for FA - I do not feel safe right now. I dont think ppl understand that we all agreed upon the Principles of Solidarity. #ows #nycga
22:35 pm
Stack - We have to treat each other with love and respect and theres a lot of other good shit & we're not adhering to them. #ows #nycga
22:35 pm
Stack - Nobody here is adhering to them. Some are, but not everyone. And its the same people that arent. #ows #nycga
22:36 pm
[There was actually not a FA there, just a statement of support.] #ows #nycga
22:37 pm
The Principles of Solidarity now being read. You can read it here : http://t.co/CKJ7n39S #ows #nycga #solidarity
22:38 pm
[Laptop battery is dying. If I switch to my phone soon I'll tweet as best I can but fingers are cold so thats already limiting. PoA! - Ed.]
22:39 pm
Announcement made that Occupy DC really needs our support right now. #ows #nycga #solidarity
22:40 pm
FA - Please table this until we have the process and the Codes of Conduct and the Community Agreements. #ows #nycga
22:41 pm
FA - Razor - Want a neutral 3rd party to analyze demographics of the WGs, Caucuses, and who is getting banned. #ows #nycga
22:42 pm
Razor - We set up an occupation with nothing in place to create a safe place for people. #ows #nycga
22:42 pm
Razor - We need to make OWS diverse. Sean declines the amendment. #ows #nycga
22:43 pm
FA - Ravi - I want the proposal to include that if people don't go through the grievance process they identify themself as not part of OWS.
22:44 pm
Sean declines - grievance prcess doesnt exist. [Yet neither does Community Agreements or Code of Conduct and his prop. includes those. -Ed.]
22:46 pm
Stack - Lopi - Concern - ppl are using circular arguments to put this proposal down. We can't enforce our PrincOfSolid. w/o this #ows #nycga
22:48 pm
Bana asking for stand asides. None. Asking for blocks. 5. #ows #nycga
22:48 pm
But now asking for Sean to restate Proposal with the accepted Friendly Amendments. #ows #nycga
22:50 pm
FA Accepted - If someone refuses to go through GrievancePrcess then it wld be apprpriate to bring forth proposal to remove them. #ows #nycga
22:51 pm
There are at 9 blocks. #ows #nycga
22:52 pm
Block - I don't believe in the social contract. I dont agree with a systematic process to exclude an individual. #ows #nycga
22:56 pm
[Yelling and cross talk regarding an individual filming.]
23:00 pm
Nan's Block - I find this proposal to be biased. #ows #nycga
23:01 pm
Bana- This is not functioning as GA. There are too many blocks to reach consensus. Either address them or not so we can move on. #ows #nycga
23:08 pm
Proposal has been tabled due to number of blocks and not enough people for modified consensus. #ows #nycga
23:10 pm
A few anncements that I missed incl occupiers marching in Williamsburg. We're done! Thanks fam! [Comments go over to @poweredbycats, 1love!]