10:22 am
#OWS is finally getting back the tents we lost in the raid!
11:15 am
RT @OWScom: Tonight: Spokes @ 110 Schermerhorn Street Brooklyn, NY from 7p-10:15p #ows
18:59 pm
Hey Fam! We'll be live from the Quaker House at 110 Schermerhorn in Brooklyn for #ows #nycsc! Should be starting soon! Stayed tuned...
19:01 pm
Reminder, if we go into Twitter Jail, swap over to @LibertySqGA2 @LibertySqGA3 @LibertySqGA4 #ows #nycsc
19:33 pm
Tonight's Facilitators, Daniel and Danielle, asking spokes to gather their signs and move to the center of the room. #ows #nycsc
19:44 pm
Stairs welcoming us & acknowledging that people are getting MetroCards. Library misspelled their Spokes Sign [Lulz. - Ed.] #ows #nycsc
19:47 pm
Stairs asking for side conversations be kept to a minimum and introing the rest fo the team. Daniel & Danielle co-Facilitating #ows #nycsc
19:48 pm
Uptwinkes on them, Melanie on time, & David on stack. #ows #nycsc
19:49 pm
Danielle calling attention to the space, it is sacred to the people who have allowed us to be here. #ows #nycsc
19:49 pm
Daniel - This space is free until 9:30, but will cost $40 if we go til 10:15. Passing around a donation box to pay for the space #ows #nycsc
19:50 pm
Stairs - To open this space in an uplifting way, contributing to an awesome movmnt, asking how about doing a call/response song. #ows #nycsc
19:51 pm
Singing - Power to the people, the mighty mighty people, the people's power. #ows #nycsc
19:52 pm
Stairs hopes everyone can help facilitate an awesome meeting. First up, Working Group reportbacks. Indivdual anncmnts at the end #ows #nycsc
19:53 pm
Dave with InfoHub - Taken over the email for occupywallst.org so we can now answer over 100 inquiries that come in a day! #ows #nycsc
19:54 pm
Archives - Anncd that we're looking for hard drives and received a donation! Yay! #ows #nycsc
19:54 pm
Outreach - We had a really cool last couple weeks, talked to a lot of people, every Wed at 1p we go & talk to people... #ows #nycsc
19:55 pm
Outreach... Meet at 60 wall st at noon! #ows #nycsc
19:55 pm
Direct Action Painters - We painted the bus of the Occutrip, breaking our strike but wanted to see them off. #ows #nycsc
19:56 pm
Library - We came up with an awesome action today. Book Bomb Tucson! They banned a ton of books, especially Hispanic books. #ows #nycsc
19:56 pm
Library - We're gathering allies here in the NY and have already gotten support from #OccupyTucson, and want to get as many... #ows #nycsc
19:56 pm
Library - ... copies of those seven books and bomb the heck out of Tucson! #ows #nycsc
19:58 pm
Facilitation - On Monday there was talk about whether the freeze effected the payment of spokes spaces, and after talking... #ows #nycsc
20:00 pm
Facilitation - ... with Accounting any previously consensend upon ongoing budget expense is not effected by the freeze. #ows #nycsc
20:00 pm
[I stepped in to help facilitation clarify that point. - @PoweredByCats] #ows #nycsc
20:01 pm
There is a group exploring civil litigation regarding various issues of Brookfield's rules in the park & suppression of rights. #ows #nycsc
20:02 pm
Town Planning - Continuing to be involved in any space where people are gathering, housing, squatting, public. #ows #nycsc
20:03 pm
Town Planning - Also keeping track of inventory of supplies. We finally got our military tents back! Yay! 8k lb weight lifted! #ows #nycsc
20:04 pm
Sanitation - Working on fixing abandoned properties. Picture the homeless has been taking survey of abandoned properties in NYC #ows #nycsc
20:04 pm
Sanitation - PtH believes that 1/3 of the abandoned properties could house all the homeless people in NY. We want to help people #ows #nycsc
20:05 pm
Sanitation - get into these properties. Get in touch with us! [I didn't catch the email, check nycg.net for Sanitation WG -ed.] #ows #nycsc
20:06 pm
Jeff from Housing will now present a three part housing budget proposal, along with Yuri. #ows #nycsc
20:07 pm
Jeff - We've been in each of the three churches for at least three weeks and house around 150 occupiers a night. #ows #nycsc
20:07 pm
Jeff - Because of the budget freeze there is limited copies of the proposal, so please share. #ows #nycsc
20:09 pm
The text of the budget can be seen here. http://t.co/LAD7GliJ #ows #nycsc
20:10 pm
Jeff currently discussing roles of Housing WG - maintain sites, payment for supplies/utilities & maintain relations w/landlords #ows #nycsc
20:11 pm
Jeff - Each community of occupiers is responsible for their own communities, thats not the role of Housing. #ows #nycsc
20:11 pm
Jeff - We will no longer pay for space at 86th St as a result of the proposal last week that set an exit situation. #ows #nycsc
20:12 pm
Jeff - But we need to fulfill the responsibility to the landlord (part 2)
20:13 pm
Jeff - We want to take consensus on the whole, after friendly amendments taken for each section. #ows #nycsc
20:15 pm
[I was called upon to take a Facilitation role in trying to clarify whether this proposal fits into the perview of the budget freeze - Ed.]
20:22 pm
Opening stack on clarifying questions - Outreach - Do we know what % of people in Park Slope are in WGs? #ows #nycsc
20:23 pm
Yuri - I'm one of the occupiers in PSlope, I don't like lying to people who are staring at me, ~1/2 of the people participate #ows #nycsc
20:24 pm
Yuri - in working groups or the movement, we've tried to get people involved but met resistence. We're still trying. #ows #nycsc
20:25 pm
CQ - DAP - As I understand, every group gets 7 metrocards. Jeff - At one point that was true, but it changes week to week. #ows #nycsc
20:25 pm
CQ - DAP - How does my working group get on that list? Where do leftovers go? #ows #nycsc
20:25 pm
Jeff - We used to do 150, and there were leftovers, and they went back to Finance. And we checked them back out. #ows #nycsc
20:26 pm
Jeff - There is a process explained online, & use of financial point people to help us determine who is eligible. #ows #nycsc
20:27 pm
CQ - PoC - So this is partly a back pay thing and part 2 is about moving forward? We don't understand the prepaid phone part #ows #nycsc
20:27 pm
Jeff - There needs to be communication btwn spaces and allowing people into the space for the first time via a housing hotline. #ows #nycsc
20:28 pm
Jeff - We don't buy phone time for everyone, its only for people who are manning the hotline. #ows #nycsc
20:29 pm
PoC - 490/week for utilities is for what? Jeff - gas/hot water/electricity $70/night documented in previous proposals. #ows #nycsc
20:30 pm
PoC - $3500/week for unlimited metrocards is a lot of money, what are these actually being used for day to day? #ows #nycsc
20:31 pm
Jeff - These are actually being allocated independent of Housing, they are authorized by WG point people. #ows #nycsc
20:31 pm
Jeff - This is effectively the metrocard stash for the whole movement. Housing wants to give this job to Transportation. #ows #nycsc
20:32 pm
CQ - Library - @HelloFrances My understanding after that #nycsc we could only bring a proposal to pay back the last 2 week. #ows #nycsc
20:33 pm
CQ - Library - This seems to not be that, because its a recurring budget. #ows #nycsc
20:33 pm
Jeff - The proposal that night was brought by the community staying at West Park Church, not Housing. That cmmty accepted FAs #ows #nycsc
20:34 pm
Jeff - That proposal was not made by Housing and doesn't effect Housing's ability or need to meet its obligations. #ows #nycsc
20:34 pm
CQ - OWS En Espanol - Why not use monthly metrocards instead of weeklys? #ows #nycsc
20:35 pm
Jeff - We've discussed it, but people lose them, & thats less problematic with weeklys. This is very transient, so its easier... #ows #nycsc
20:35 pm
Jeff - ... to get into a rhythm and be more accountable with weekly's than monthlys. #ows #nycsc
20:36 pm
CQ - Anti Racism - In the 2nd section, is this recurring forever? #ows #nycsc
20:36 pm
Jeff - This recurring budget will have to be renewed every 4 weeks. #ows #nycsc
20:38 pm
Jeff - I don't think theres enough clarity on the spending freeze (reads language of the freeze from Minutes.) #ows #nycsc
20:39 pm
Jeff - We don't like ongoing forever recurring budgets so we'll be back in 4 weeks politicing if the freeze is still in effect. #ows #nycsc
20:40 pm
Jeff - We are reevaluating the number of metrocards based on our precious experiences. We're open to FAs asking for more. #ows #nycsc
20:41 pm
CQ - Outreach - We heard that the person who engaged in violence at Brecht perhaps is staying at Park Slope Church. #ows #nycsc
20:41 pm
Yuri - The churches & communities have to abide all resolutions consensed by the OWS community at large. #ows #nycsc
20:42 pm
Yuri - However, the pastor is allowing the person to stay there. #ows #nycsc
20:43 pm
Jeff - We are looking for space who may be displaced by the exit strategy at W Park incding bus tickets to go to nearby Occupies #ows #nycsc
20:45 pm
CQ - Restricted Diets - with 1/2 of Park Slope not involved in Working Groups is there a way we can get people involved to stay? #ows #nycsc
20:46 pm
Restricted Diets - I dont want to make it a rule in order to stay in NY you have to be in a WG, our process is dehumanizing. #ows #nycsc
20:46 pm
Restricted Diets - But it should be required to stay at these spaces, which helps with community and accountability. #ows #nycsc
20:47 pm
Jeff - I have concerns with putting up requirements to housing. #ows #nycsc
20:48 pm
CQ - Minutes - When we talk about WGs is that the new pruned list or the 140 imaginary list of WGs? #ows #nycsc
20:48 pm
Jeff - We feel we are now going by the list of active WGs as established by Info/ComHub. #ows #nycsc
20:49 pm
CQ - WOW - There was supposed to be mediation between Housing/SaferSpaces/WOW. What happened? #ows #nycsc
20:50 pm
Jeff - Some people thought notice was too short, & our mtg time changed, members were ready, we were told it be rescheduled. #ows #nycsc
20:50 pm
Stack is now closed on CQs. Moving on to Concerns, spokes can take 5 minutes to discuss. #ows #nycsc
20:51 pm
[As a note, Facilitators barely had to speak during that process, things are very calm and orderly. - Ed.]
21:00 pm
Opening stack on Concerns (people can combine in Friendly Amendments) #ows #nycsc
21:01 pm
Anti-Racism Allies - PoC was concerned about power relations w/in the mvmt especially Jeff's role & the amount of time he speaks in #nycsc
21:01 pm
Jeff shakes his head and doesn't respond. #ows #nycsc
21:03 pm
Jeff - In reply to TechOps FA - we had been approached about a proposal about time banking but there are limitations. #ows #nycsc
21:04 pm
Jeff - Its not a perfect system, we'd love participation from other groups who r better at these things. It needs to be in place #ows #nycsc
21:04 pm
West Park - We're concerned that the spokes decision to close the church for housing may not be shared by the pastor #ows #nycsc
21:05 pm
West Park - Would this spokes consider rescinding that decision and also add more metrocards? #ows #nycsc
21:05 pm
Jeff asks for group temperature checks on accepting Friendly Amendments. #ows #nycsc
21:06 pm
Daniel - FA on increasing number of metrocards from 120 - 150. Temperature check very negative. Jeff rejects. #ows #nycsc
21:07 pm
Jeff - The FA had no relation to housing, was proposed by this body to the WestPark cmmty & was accepted to form exit strategy. #ows #nycsc
21:08 pm
Jeff - It is not up to Housing to undo that decision or find a new location for that cmmty in finding new space. #ows #nycsc
21:09 pm
Jeff - That community can work out an agreement with the landlord/pastor and disassociate with #OWS in order to make an arrangement #nycsc
21:10 pm
Media - Concern - Serious concern over part 2 - paying Park Slope. I stay there, I'm apart of housing & media. #ows #nycsc
21:11 pm
Media - Its an unsafe space, indvdls are violent, the pastor isnt able to remove people, I need help from the body. #ows #nycsc
21:12 pm
Daniel - Asks for us to to hold what just happened and what we heard for a moment. Danielle - Acknowledge the gravity of it. #ows #nycsc
21:13 pm
Stairs asking for Media to clarify her earlier statements. #ows #nycsc
21:14 pm
Media - At Spokes on Wed a man named Will attacked people, stole a metrcard, flipped a table, came back to the church & went to sleep #nycsc
21:15 pm
Media - He threatened to murder someone, & has been sleeping at the church. He got into a fight while another person held the victim #nycsc
21:16 pm
Media - But he isnt the only violent offender in the church, & its not always physical. People yell at me every day. #ows #nycsc
21:16 pm
Media - The pastor looks to us, & we look to him, & to GA & Spokes, we don't know what to do. We need help. #ows #nycsc
21:17 pm
Town Planning - FAs - No funding unless we have a way to deal with violence, & an exit strategy. In ParkSlope empower the pastor #ows #nycsc
21:17 pm
Town Planning - Say that Nan, Michael, & Will must be out by Thurs night or we cut funding. #ows #nycsc
21:18 pm
Town Planning - FA - West Park, we will house 50 active occupiers for the month of February & thats it. #ows #nycsc
21:19 pm
Yuri - I have brought this up to the Park Slope Community. Everyone is met w/abuse. People look to me for enforcement. #ows #nycsc
21:20 pm
Yuri - Im sitting here for guidance, what can we do? Disruptions have got to end. #ows #nycsc
21:23 pm
Housing accepts the amendment - That funding will not passed unless Nan, Will, Michael leave before tomorrow night. #ows #nycsc
21:24 pm
Media clarifies that this will also apply to people in the future. Housing says yes, we will not abide violence. #ows #nycsc
21:25 pm
Jeff - Asking for an additional month at WestPark is not within our power bcuz it goes against the agreement made by the cmmty #ows #nycsc
21:27 pm
Housing is uncomfortable making this decision, and says the pastor has concerns as well. An agreement was made already. #ows #nycsc
21:29 pm
Housing asks for a temperature check on the WestPark FA (extending through February for 50 occupiers) - Very negative #ows #nycsc
21:30 pm
WOW - We applaud the anti-violence amendment. We have concerns about the amendment that jeff still hasnt stepped back & the lack #ows #nycsc
21:31 pm
WOW - of mediation that has happened btwn Housing/WOW/SaferSpaces. Don't like the term 'Occupier' not applying to everyone in mvmt #nycsc
21:35 pm
Outreach - Blocking concerns that we're keeping that space open after removing violent people. [I missed the rest, twit probs, Sorry! -Ed.]
21:36 pm
Jeff - We need to address violence as a community. We're putting too much on the pastor. #ows #nycsc
21:36 pm
PoC - We're talking about kicking people out of space, we need to be very clear about 'violence' when we remove people from spaces. #nycsc
21:36 pm
FA - Split the metrocard proposal part into a separate proposal to be consensed upon tonight. #ows #nycsc
21:37 pm
Media - Clarifying the violence that has occurred by various individuals. #ows #nycsc
21:38 pm
Stairs - The question is not whether violence has happened, but what violence is. There are meek, clean ways we can be violent. #ows #nycsc
21:39 pm
Stairs - Violence is obvious & sometimes its there all the time. #ows #nycsc
21:40 pm
Taking a few deep breaths to clear some tension from the room. #ows #nycsc
21:41 pm
OWS En Espanol - Violence hurts your body, your mind, its simple to register, theres nothing complicated. Perhaps bcuz this is...#ows #nycsc
21:42 pm
OWS E Esp - a new mvmt, we want to seem inclusive & are afraid of setting boundaries. I understand my liberty ends where yours starts. nycsc
21:43 pm
Archives - Im very concerned w/the length we're paying for housing. We didn't have an occupation this long. Every space we've... #ows #nycsc
21:43 pm
Archives - funded has turned into a violent space and we've ruined it. This needs to stop. #ows #nycsc
21:44 pm
Minutes - Support everything the Anti-Racist Allies said, FA want to split off the metrocard proposal & give cards to WGs to allocate #nycsc
21:45 pm
Jeff - Thats been proposed w/in Housing, but we're concerned about accountability of who gets the cards & not. We have a system. #ows #nycsc
21:46 pm
Restricted Diets - Im going to talk low and try to keep it short. A lot of people talking about concerns & others close to taking.. #nycsc
21:46 pm
Restricted Diets - responsibility. I have asked for help in space, i wasnt calm, but i was asking for help. In order to flip... #ows #nycsc
21:47 pm
Rest. Diets - it around on you guys, we put restrictions on others but when restrictions are put on us, we dont show up. #ows #nycsc
21:48 pm
Restricted Diets - Financial Assembly, no one showed up. Mediation w/WOW no one showed up. FA we add a stipulation about a... #ows #nycsc
21:48 pm
Restricted Diets - a grievance process to hold emotional violence accountable. #ows #nycsc
21:49 pm
PoI from Stairs - At the Open Space event on Friday there will be discussion on establishing a Grievance Process. #ows #nycsc 235 W.26th St
21:50 pm
Library - Oh boy! I have a blocking concern, I'm willing to be the bad guy. I cant pay my rent & am unemployed. Bring it. #ows #nycsc
21:50 pm
Library - We are not equipped to fix the homelessness problem in NYC we don't have the capability. We didn't have an occupation this long.
21:51 pm
Friendly Amendment that we stop paying for housing after this weekend is accepted by Housing. #ows #nycsc
21:52 pm
DAP - Echoes Library blocking concern & Anti-Racist Allies concern that Jeff is always the point person for housing... #ows #nycsc
21:52 pm
DAP - Asks Jeff to step back so that others may step up. #ows #nycsc
21:53 pm
Occupiers - Darryl - Concerns w/how housing is being talked about. All the people complaining about $ do not live in the church..#ows #nycsc
21:54 pm
Occupiers - ... they didn't live in the park. They came after. Last month we spent 200k on non-housing & 10k on housing. #ows #nycsc
21:55 pm
Ronny breaks process to say that the spoke for Occupiers is not speaking for him (as an occupier.) #ows #nycsc
21:55 pm
Stairs asking for restatement of proposal with Friendly Amendments. #ows #nycsc
21:57 pm
Part 1 of the proposal remains in tact (please check website link from earlier), Part 2 is cut, no funding past this weekend #ows #nycsc
21:58 pm
Part 1 - $4000 to cover this week & last week. We have 15 minutes to finish this process. Asking for stand asides. #ows #nycsc
22:06 pm
1 stand aside - Arts & Culture; 3 Blocks - People of Color Caucus, De-Escalation, Anti-Racism Allies #ows #nycsc
22:08 pm
To clarify, all sites will be cut off of funding past 1/27. This is to pay our current bills up to that point. #ows #nycsc
22:09 pm
PoC feeling like we need a transition period of 2 weeks for Park Slope. #ows #nycsc
22:10 pm
De-Escalation wants a homesteading class for people who will be removed from housing. [Lots of cross talk, hard to follow. -Ed.] #ows #nycsc
22:12 pm
PoC asks for a process of accountability not just kicked to the curb. #ows #nycsc
22:13 pm
Jeff - Additional 700/week to create a 2-week exit strategy for Park Slope & withhold funding if Nan/Michael/Will are allowed to stay #nycsc
22:13 pm
Jeff acknowledges that Housing can't create a grievance process on its own, needs help, but supports it. #ows #nycsc
22:15 pm
De-escalation lifts its block because Housing is exploring other options for housing including homesteading, other occupations, etc. #nycsc
22:17 pm
Library & PoC make a deal on 1 week extension for Park Slope. Park West still ending 1/27. Violent people out by tomorrow. #ows #nycsc
22:17 pm
Part 1 of the proposal passes via consensus. #ows #nycsc
22:18 pm
Part 3 - the metrocard part - 5 stand asides. No blocks, consensus. #ows #nycsc
22:19 pm
[That's it fam! Sorry for truncated ending, have to be out at 10:15. Comments, questions, love, meet me over at @PoweredByCats] #ows #nycsc