22:24 pm
Stairs trying to get control of the rowdy shouting. Looking for FAs of the Facilitation proposal.
22:25 pm
Mic checking by Stairs.
22:26 pm
[Out of process yelling of "We will occupy your GA," etc.]
22:26 pm
Stairs: We are going to allow these individuals to be put on stack. #nycga
22:27 pm
Discussion of if the newcomer disruptors should be put on stack, which is closed. #nycga
22:28 pm
Stairs still trying to take control. More commotion. #nycga
22:28 pm
Facilitation announces they are tabling their proposal. #nycga
22:29 pm
FWG: "We appreciate all the hard work, dedication ... on this proposal tonight." #nycga
22:29 pm
Facilitation: "We will be back." #nycga [more commotion from disruptive people]
22:31 pm
Ted now mic checking about people disrupting GA. #nycga
22:32 pm
Someone asking now for people to respect the process. #nycga #ows
22:37 pm
[It's unclear what's happening. Stairs seems to be talking to the Facilitation WG]
22:39 pm
[It seems like GA has dissolved due to disruptors, but Stairs never called it over.]
22:44 pm
Hey folks, all indications are that this GA has ended, somewhat abruptly, due to disruptors.
22:45 pm
Wait! Just kidding! Anthony says GA is not done! #nycga #ows
22:46 pm
Back to the mic checking at the GA. Ted is claiming a certain person has been planning this. #nycga #ows
22:47 pm
Some pushing and shoving between Facilitation and the disruptors. #nycga #ows
22:47 pm
Ted: "GA is being violently hijacked. ..." #nycga #ows
22:49 pm
Ted: "She [Nan] brought a proposal to destroy our Spokes and when she did not get it ..." #nycga #ows
22:49 pm
[Ed note: I am going to excise the rest of this because I'm not sure it's on process.]
22:57 pm
#NYCGA seems to have turned into an informal conversation, so we don't feel comfortable tweeting it until it's on process.
23:03 pm
For the record, the live tweeters are hanging out in case the meeting gets back on track. #nycga #ows
23:03 pm
Ted asking for the GA to address this right now. "People in this movement are suffering greatly..." #nycga #ows
23:04 pm
"There's a lot more going on than one person and it has been brought to our attention that the very first ..." #nycga #ows
23:04 pm
"...violent disruption of our assembly was planned by Nan." #nycga #ows
23:05 pm
Ted: "I suggest we continue with our assembly and say that ..." #nycga #ows
23:05 pm
Ted "We will will not tolerate any violent plot to harm the heart of our movement..." #nycga #ows
23:06 pm
Ted: "And I believe that it can be said, it is very clear who was destroying this assembly, and that it be recognized ..." #nycga #ows
23:06 pm
Ted: "... any attempts thereof in the future, will not succeed." #nycga #ows
23:07 pm
New speaker says it's not productive to remove disruptors from the process. Just let them speak. #nycga #ows
23:09 pm
Ted says we as a community cannot tolerate violence. #nycga #ows
23:10 pm
Ashley says the Spokes Council voted to remove Nan on Friday for violence. #nycga #ows
23:10 pm
[Suddenly much yelling from the disruptors who showed up recently.} #nycga #ows
23:11 pm
A woman from Newark saying we can't let our emotions let us block one individual, Nan in particular. #nycga #ows
23:12 pm
Same speaker: "Stop acting like the 1%. Take your feelings and put the under your feet." #nycga #ows
23:12 pm
Same speaker: "Family argues. You will find more love from people you consider family." #nycga #ows
23:13 pm
Same speaker: "In Newark, you can express yourself however you want." You don't have to worry about police. #nycga #ows
23:14 pm
New speaker: "I left a physically abusive home and family and I didn't come here to be a part of another abusive family." #nycga #ows
23:16 pm
Okay, fam, we are making the executive decision that this is an important conversation, but it's all off process.
23:17 pm
So we are signing off. This has been @shawncarrie, @poweredbycats @carriem213 and Lauren doing your live tweets. Have a great night!