19:15 pm
Live from Liberty Square, it's General Assembly! Follow here, @LibertySqGA2, @LibertySqGA3, and @LibertySqGA4. #nycga #OWS
19:18 pm
Announcements! The residents of the Park Slope church will have a community meeting tomorrow at 9:30, 6th and 8th, Brooklyn. #nycga #ows
19:18 pm
That's it for announcements- first proposal tonight is from the Vision and Goals working group. #nycga #OWS
19:19 pm
The Vision and Goals working group has been working on a vision statement for a couple of months! It's come to GA many times. #nycga #ows
19:20 pm
Tonight we'll have another breakout discussion on the Vision and Goals' WG's draft Vision statement. #nycga #OWS
19:21 pm
Once the GA agrees a draft is ready, V&G say they will take it, share it for a week, then bring it back to GA for consensus. #OWS #nycga
19:27 pm
Here's the Vision & Goals WG's draft vision stment. Leave feedback here! GA now breaking out to discuss. http://t.co/W59KsynB #nycga #OWS
19:28 pm
Ok, we're coming back. Stairs: "Can everyone come closer and reform the General Assembly?" Now stacking reportbacks. #OWS #nycga
19:30 pm
No reportbacks, so we're stacking concerns. No concerns! Now we're straw polling 3 options... #nycga #OWS http://t.co/kOwkFy7u
19:33 pm
Totals for straw poll: 1 for a, 5 for b, 5 for c. Tiebreaker between b and c: 6 for b, 7 for c. So, option c wins. #nycga #ows
19:34 pm
Stephen, the proposer, notes they're working on a bullet point about "protecting the commons." But we'll temp check whether we feel...
19:35 pm
Cont'd: ...that it's ready to go. Very positive temp check! Someone: can we make "people power" adjacent to "people before profits"? #nycga
19:37 pm
Proposer notes it's hard to do Friendly Amendments in this way, but if he specifies, the GA can tempcheck. He proposes we move.. #nycga #ows
19:38 pm
..."people before profit" to right after "people power." Tempchecking the change: we like it! #nycga #OWS
19:40 pm
Ok, so Patrick from Vision and Goals is re-reading draft proposal. GA will tempcheck whether we feel ready to seek consensus on it. #nycga
19:41 pm
Someone suggests another friendly amendment: "let's put equality and fairness side by side!" Patrick asks if there are more changes.. #nycga
19:42 pm
...because "if there are, then maybe we're not ready!" Amender: "That's it from me!" So we'll tempcheck that new order... #nycga #ows
19:44 pm
Tempcheck is very positive. One last FA: "Let's end [the list of bullet points] w/ peace!" Tempchecking that: Looks good! #nycga #OWS
19:47 pm
So, now we'll tempcheck whether the re-ordered document is ready to come back for consensus in 1 week..? Temp check is positive! #nycga #OWS
19:49 pm
So, the V&G proposal will return to GA for full consensus in a week! Awesome! #nycga #ows
19:51 pm
Next proposal: Occupy Earth Day! "Connecting the dots between the 1% and the destruction of the planet"! Reading this: http://t.co/wDlbLP9j
19:51 pm
Opening stack for Clarifying Questions on the Occupy Earth Day proposal: "How would one person be able to do the planning of this?" #nycga
19:52 pm
A: "We've already started working with many working groups, and we'll have open meetings at 60 Wall." Working on a climate change action.
19:53 pm
That's it for questions. Stairs: "Any concerns?" No concerns. FAs? "Since animal agriculture is a leading cause of climate change..." #nycga
19:53 pm
Cont'd: "...can we include a demonstration against a company that does that?" A: "Yes!" That's the idea, he says. #nycga
19:54 pm
That's it for friendly amendments! Tempchecking the proposal... very very positive! No blocks! CONSENSUS! #nycga #ows
19:54 pm
Hahah. Maybe the fastest consensus ever; "No money!" someone points out. Awesome. #nycga #ows
19:54 pm
Hermes: "There is no more left on stack for proposals! Any announcements?" #nycga #ows
19:55 pm
Announcement: "To protest drone strikes which kill civilians around the world - to protest support for brutal dictatorships..." #nycga
19:55 pm
Cont'd: "..and to contest the socioeconomic status quo, I'm beginning a hunger strike at 8am tmrw at the Times Square Armed Forces.." #nycga
19:56 pm
Cont'd: "...recruitment center! All are welcome! I was inspired by y'all!" John from Philly! #nycga #ows
19:56 pm
Next, Lorenzo: "Tomorrow's a day of action against #SOPA!" A million people are going dark tomorrow. "Make sure you explain why, if you do!"
19:57 pm
Lorenzo explains SOPA/PIPA: "They're a big grab at controlling the flow of information on the Internet." #nycga #ows
19:57 pm
"Every aggregated site will be illegal, b/c if someone puts a link on your site to copyrighted material, you're responsible!" #nycga #ows
19:58 pm
Lopi's announcement is next: "Our friends at the Yippie Cafe are having an open mic tomorrow night at 8pm, welcoming all #OWS..." #nycga
19:58 pm
Cont'd: "...poets, musicians, performance artists, comedians. And no one will be turned away for lack of $!" 9 Bleecker, tomorrow 8pm.#nycga
19:59 pm
Next: Nan. "Trish asked me to make an announcement; everybody knows about the freeze, that the GA freeze the funds. I think that's.." #nycga
19:59 pm
Cont'd: "...the smartest decision we've ever made, and I'm so happy about it. But we have the GA Funds Freeze WG; we had a meeting today.."
20:00 pm
Cont'd: "...3-5 at Charlotte's place, and there's another Saturday at 60 Wall, 3-5. Please come to talk about how to use the money wisely."
20:00 pm
Someone notes Charlotte's Place isn't open Saturday, so Nan corrects and says 60 Wall. #nycga #ows
20:01 pm
Patrick: "Structure WG has been talking about a # of things to make our structure stronger, our movement a little stronger." #nycga #ows
20:01 pm
Cont'd: "One of the things we've been talking about lately is fewer meetings, to get better attendance and make space on the calendar..."
20:01 pm
Cont'd: "...to talk about things we're not talking about, like what do we all agree on? And how do we form a budget?" Atrium, Friday, 5:30.
20:02 pm
Devin is next. "OccupyWallStreet.net is a site we've been building for awhile; goal is to provide NYCGA w/ a front-facing website." #nycga
20:03 pm
Cont'd: OccupyWallStreet.net will curate content frm around world, and go live in 2-4 wks. "We hold content team mtgs at 60 Wall, Mon 7pm."
20:04 pm
Next, Jason. "I'm working w/ the WG called Occupy Town Squares; our first open community meeting that we invite everyone to is Thurs, 6pm."
20:04 pm
Cont'd: "The goal is to develop events -- a roving occupation. First, a tabling event, to set up as if in the Park, Jan 29th at Wash Sq Pk."
20:04 pm
Cont'd: "We invite everyone to be a part of this, as everyone needs to be for it to succeed! Occupy Town Squares." #nycga #ows
20:05 pm
And that's it folks! A nice and short #NYCGA. Have a great rest of your #J17! [Joys and concerns, hit up @diceytroop.] #nycga #ows
20:06 pm
"Mic check! Mic check! Happy 4-month Anniversary!" WOOHOO HAPPY BIRTHDAY #OWS!! #NYCGA
22:20 pm
@AmProgressive [thank you!! -Ed.]
23:25 pm
The @LibertySqGA team is proud to be joining tomorrow's #SOPAblackout! We'll try to "air" the Weds #NYCSC livetweets on Thursday. #J18 #OWS