19:37 pm
Coming at you guys live at #NYCSC! Follow here and at @LibertySqGA2 @LibertySqGA3 & @LibertySqGA4!
19:40 pm
We're going to jump right into parts 3&4 of the Tech Ops Proposal, which we didn't get to at last Monday's #nycsc
19:40 pm
The @OWS_Tech Proposal is a doozy, but through the magic of the internet, you can view it here! http://t.co/K0d6zKPw #OWS #nycsc
19:43 pm
Part 3 is is for Server Infrastructure & Operating Costs. Jake (@jdegroot) is charismatically describing the nerdy details in easy terms.
19:44 pm
Currently, our servers are being donated by 3rd party hosting co. Starting in March, that service will expire and we'll have to start paying
19:45 pm
We have nycga.net & occupy.net, as well as occupywallstreet.net in the pipeline, for which we'll need lots of infrastructure. #ows #nycsc
19:46 pm
We're now into stack for CQs: Susan from Translation: "Would Datagram (the company that @OWS_Tech is proposing we go with)... #ows #nycsc
19:47 pm
CQ:..."have any access to our database?" A: No, they wouldn't. It's against terms of service, and bc we have the physical hard drives."
19:49 pm
CQ: Chepe (@sabokitty):"Being that we live in the richest country in the world, would this server space allow us to provide our services.."
19:50 pm
"to other occupations, say, in other countries like Egypt, Syria, Nigeria if their governments shut down their servers?" #ows #nycsc
19:51 pm
A: "Yes ! Absolutely! If we have the resources, we'd love to share them with our comrades." #ows #nycsc
19:52 pm
Proposers ask:"Do you guys feel like that's a decision Tech Ops can make, or should we check back w/ GA before donating servers?"#nycsc #ows
19:54 pm
CQ:Carrie (@carriem213) is the $250/month for server hosting indefinite, or for a specific period of time?" #ows #nycsc
19:55 pm
A:"It's for as long as we want the websites to be up." CQ from Think Tank: "What happens when we run out of $?" #ows #nycsc
19:56 pm
A:"That's a good question that we're all going to have to think about" #ows #nycsc #deeptweet
19:57 pm
That's it for CQs on Part 3 of the @OWS_Tech proposal. Now conferring with our Spokes to see if we have concerns - No spoke for LTers.. :(
19:59 pm
Stairs:[Negesti / @negestiC): It seems like there's no concerns! Now conferring for Friendly Amendments. This is going so well! #ows #nycsc
20:00 pm
Note: A proposal from @OWSArchives was added to the agenda earlier. [Ed: Sorry! I missed it before!] #ows #nycsc
20:01 pm
Stairs: [Dwayne/ @Dwayne_wins]: Opening stack for Friendly Amendments. No Friendly Amendments? #ows #nycga
20:03 pm
Negesti is asking if we feel good about moving to consensus: Any stand asides? Any blocks? ... Ready, set, CONSENSUS!!! #ows #nycsc
20:04 pm
Jake: "Isn't this fun? We've got one more part to this proposal." #ows #nycsc
20:06 pm
Now moving on to Pt.4 the @OWS_Tech's proposal:"Livestream HD Supercharge"-Remember, you can view the proposal online @ http://t.co/K0d6zKPw
20:07 pm
"Livestream has been an integral part of this movement from the very beginning, and we all love the work they do." #ows #nycsc
20:09 pm
[Ed: Trying reeally hard to be neutral and not shout out some of the awesome Livestream team!!! You know who you are..] #ows #nycsc
20:10 pm
We have a relationship with an awesome tech co. who makes Teradek bond units and they've agreed to give them to us for FREE #ows #nycsc
20:13 pm
This equipment is worth a couple thousand dollars, and they've offered donate it to us totally free. #ows #nycsc
20:15 pm
So we already have all the hardware we need to streamline our Livestream process into HD - but we would need to pay for monthly data costs.
20:16 pm
$312 one-time cost for 4G USB modems (one from each major wireless network: Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, At&T) #ows #nycsc
20:17 pm
$888 one-time cost for 4-mic wireless microphone system & cameratop microphone system. #ows #nycsc
20:17 pm
$413.68/month for data plan subscriptions for the 4 modems #ows #nycsc
20:18 pm
Benefits: HD Livestreaming of #OWS events, actions, GAs, Spokes Council. [Ed: Livetweets in HD!] #nycsc #nycga
20:20 pm
Now onto CQ stack: Why should we go with big networks like AT&T/Verizon? They ethically suck. | A: Good question. They do suck. #nycsc #ows
20:22 pm
"But fact is, those networks are the fastest out there." Discussion is getting messy around this issue of paying unethical companies. #nycsc
20:23 pm
"Can we at least not go with #Verizon? We have to put our money where our mouth is, as activists, and stand for something." #ows #nycsc
20:24 pm
Negesti:"This is turning into a back & forth, maybe you could confer with your spoke and come back during Friendly Amendments?" #ows #nycsc
20:30 pm
Ashley: "Could you talked to PR WG about potential media fallout from using Verizon, who the movement is very much against?" #ows #nycga
20:31 pm
A:"We'd be glad to speak with PR and Media about this." Now at the end of CQs - conferring about Concerns. #ows #nycga
20:32 pm
First on stack for Concerns: Archives: "On #N17, we put the 99% bat signal on the #Verizon building." #ows #nycsc
20:34 pm
..."Is the system really not gonna work without #Verizon?" A:"Truth is, it will work, but not work as well. Verizon 4G really is fastest."
20:36 pm
Someone PoI's with an opinion about using Verizon... Stairs brings it back & reminds us that PoI and PoP signals are NOT for jumping stack!
20:38 pm
Facilitation notes that their concerns among the group were mixed, but would like to know more about why Verizon is better. #ows #nycsc
20:40 pm
A: Basically, the other networks' upstream is 2Mbp/s, while Verizon's is 8Mbp/s. That's 4x faster.[Ed: Just like the ads say..] #ows #nycsc
20:43 pm
Concern: "Other companies are just as evil as Verizon. We should just use them if they're the company that's best, unfortunately." #nycsc
20:44 pm
Concern from Direct Action: Since 9/11, Verizon has given information to the Federal Gov't without subpoenas. #ows #nycsc
20:47 pm
"Perhaps a Friendly Amendment would be to include a statement that we are conflicted about using their services?" #ows #nycsc
20:48 pm
Ashley from WON: ... [couldn't get it all, and it turned into a rant and messy back&forth] #ows #nycsc
20:48 pm
Stack has now finished for Concerns. We are conferring about Friendly Amendments. #ows #nycga
20:50 pm
You are now watching New York City Spokes Council on W@LibertySqGA! - Now discussing @OWS_Tech's proposal for HD Livestreaming #ows #nycsc
20:51 pm
FA: Before moving fwd, contact the striking Verizon Workers union to see if they're OK with us using Verizon's plan?" #ows #nycga
20:54 pm
Proposers: "Can we confer with out group on whether to accept that FA?" #ows #nycsc
20:55 pm
FA to consult striking Verizon workers [CWA] accepted. FA from DA: Could you work w/Media on handling the messaging of this choice? #nycga
20:57 pm
FA from : "This a creative amendment! But I'm a little uncomfortable speaking in front of large groups.. *Lots of PoA's* #ows #nycsc
20:58 pm
FA cont'd:"When the service cuts out, could you put up a message that says something like "this dropped signal brought to you by Verizon"?
21:00 pm
Tech:"We love that, but since Tech won't be running the stream, it's not our FA to accept." Media says they'll do their best. #ows #nycsc
21:02 pm
FA: Ashley from WON: Don't sacrifice principles for technology, don't go with Verizon. #ows #nycsc
21:04 pm
Jake (Proposer) notes that this concern seems to be shared by a lot of people. Could we take a straw poll on whether/not to use Verizon?#ows
21:08 pm
Someone PoI's: Even if you use smaller networks, they still piggyback on the major network's towers. It's the same thing. #ows #nycsc
21:09 pm
We are taking a straw poll on whether to use Verizon (after much falling off process) Straw poll was mixed. #ows #nycsc
21:11 pm
Jake from Tech: "We recognize that we make decisions as a community, but also that members of Tech feel that other co's are just as bad.."
21:11 pm
.."and disavowing Verizon would effectively be endorsing the other companies, whose behavior is just as bad. But it seems ppl don't...
21:12 pm
..."want us to go with Verizon, and it's more important that we make our Livestream better. So we accept the FA to not use Verizon." #nycsc
21:15 pm
We're done with FAs. Any blocks? One from Strong Women Rules WG, whose Spoke is Justin. "People should put videos on YouTube instead. #nycsc
21:17 pm
Negesti: "Is there any amendment that would resolve your block?" SWR confers... "No." Moving on to stand-asides. #ows #nycsc
21:22 pm
Negesti notes that we will now be moving to Modified Consensus, which is a vote. Tech now restating the Proposal: http://t.co/K0d6zKPw
21:27 pm
Straw Poll found 15 in favor, 1 against, and 2 standing aside. #ows #nycsc
21:29 pm
Stairs: "We have reached Modified Consensus!" #OWS #NYCSC
21:32 pm
Blocker is contesting: "Point of something???" @shawncarrie PoP's that this is not in process, it's simply a blocker dissatisfied w/ outcome
21:33 pm
Next up on the Agenda: Safer Spaces has brought us a proposal to have Community Agreeements! #OWS #nycsc
21:34 pm
Safer Spaces is now passing out the new copy of the Community Agreements, having revised it after feedback from last #nycsc. #OWS
21:35 pm
Safer Spaces:"We're asking everyone to be very generous - how do we make space for people with completely different experience?" #ows #nycsc
21:35 pm
We are now conferring with out Spokes about the revised wording of the document. #ows #nycsc
21:47 pm
Dwayne is now asking if our Spokes are finished conferring, and opening stack for CQs: Facilitation:"What defines an 'issue?'" #ows #nycsc
21:47 pm
.."Also, what is Facilitation's role?" A: We talk about the De-Escalation process a lot. There's room to develop it more. This is a model"
21:48 pm
"Facilitation's role, we thought, is to de-escalate situations before they get bad. Perhaps if someone feels there's an issue..."#ows #nycsc
21:50 pm
..."they could work through their spoke." PoI from De-Escalation: This is what we've been waiting for, a way to identify situations...#nycsc
21:51 pm
.."where we would be needed." CQ from WON:" I really applaud this proposal." #ows #nycsc
21:53 pm
CQ from @OWSFacilitation:"Could we see a role play of how this might play out?" Stairs asking for temp√ on role-play. Twinkles abound.#nycsc
21:55 pm
PoP from Town Planning:"Wait, is it the whole room that decides what's gonna happen, or just Spokes?" [Ed: Bummer..I wanted roleplay] #nycsc
21:57 pm
SWR:"This just seems pretty vague." SS:"It's supposed to be vague, not prescriptive.Any course of action would be decision of the community"
21:59 pm
CQ from Education & Empowerment:"Do these agreements apply to the entire movement, just Spokes Council/GA, or during action? In the park?"
22:02 pm
CQ from Tech:"Were there any other community agreements that you drew from for this?" A: "Yes, other occupations..other WGs.."#ows #nycsc
22:03 pm
CQ from WON turned into a soapbox, Stairs asked if she had a CQ, she mumbled something and went silent. #ows #nycsc
22:07 pm
Concern from Town Planning: "Having lived in the park, been closely involved w DeEscalation, having escorted people out of the park.."#nycsc
22:08 pm
"I understand that these groups are trained to these sorts of things - but why are those groups' opinions any more valid than anyone else?"
22:08 pm
Ashley interrupts:"Because they actually care about people!" Lots of PoPs. #ows #nycsc
22:10 pm
By the way, for the folks at home, here's the proposal! http://t.co/9yvpzpNn #ows #nycsc
22:10 pm
SS says that this is a living document, and we will continue to work on the De-Escalation Process. #ows #nycsc
22:17 pm
Chepe from @OWSEnEspanol voices concern: "The biggest form of oppression, that we haven't even talked about, is State Violence." #ows #nycsc
22:19 pm
"That's a gaping hole! I have FAs to solve that, but think this proposal is important to pass." #ows #nycsc
22:21 pm
Discussion about extending time took about 5 minutes, but we've given Safer Spaces 20 more minutes. #ows #nycsc
22:24 pm
Facilitation:"We have mixed feelings. Some edits offered last time were not incorporated.. We'd like you to table and bring this back"#nycsc
22:24 pm
Safer Spaces: "We could continue working on this.." back&forth ensues. Negesti offers that since this proposal effect both SS&Facilitation..
22:27 pm
.."Maybe the two groups could find a time to meet and talk about Facilitation's involvement? Just thrown that out there." #ows #nycsc
22:29 pm
WON uses stack to soapbox and gets 5 PoP's. #ows #nycsc
22:30 pm
Next on Stack: Housing: "I'm concerned that trying to cover everything opens the door for a lot of ambiguity." #ows #nycsc
22:31 pm
Housing cont'd:"I just have a hard time seeing what this might look like. But I appreciate the work you've done, the language is beautiful."
22:32 pm
We're finished with stack for concerns, but Stairs notes that we've hit the 20 minutes that we gave to extend. #ows #nycsc
22:33 pm
Stairs is asking if we feel like we can reach a consensus on Safer Spaces' Community Agreement tonight. We're conferring with out Spokes.
22:43 pm
Straw poll to extend time again wasn't very positive. Safer Spaces agrees to table the proposal and bring it back. #ows #nycsc
22:43 pm
Now moving on to Working Group Reportbacks! #ows #nycsc
22:44 pm
Safer Spaces: We meet every Sunday at 5pm @60WallSt, and we're meeting this Sunday at 4 to discuss the Community Agreement! #ows #nycsc
22:46 pm
#J15: "Jan 15 is #MLK's birthday! We have funding! Al Sharpton has signed on! St John the Divine Church, 110th St & Amsterdam Av, 6:30pm
22:47 pm
?: Barricades coming down was a victory! People are dying in Nigeria..When people started #occupying, finally things changed.
22:48 pm
(cont'd) "It is illegitimate from a legal standpoint what Brookfield did.. I have some literature that needs to go to all working groups.."
22:49 pm
"and GA to be endorsed"... Now reading from some literature, passing copies around. Meeting 4:00 tomorrow at Charlotte's Place..
22:51 pm
? cont'd: Next week, ooccupiers are gonna meet.. if anyone has space, please let us know. #ows #nycsc
22:52 pm
Town Planning: "There's a new Transportation WG forming.. Our weekly meeting is tomorrow at 11am @60WallSt #ows #nycsc
22:54 pm
Housing: We got a donation of $2,000 and we've spent most of it, we're trying to put in kitchens & showers. Metrocards tomorrow 6-9! #nycga
22:54 pm
Housing: Homeless? Go to Charlotte's Place from 4-6 tomorrow and you can get adopted! #ows #nycga #AdoptAnOccupier
22:55 pm
@OWSArchives: We're holding a forum to talk about the future of where our Archives will be stored! Location & Time TBA #ows #nycga
22:56 pm
Minutes: Yo, we SERIOUSLY need Minutes takers. Our Weekly meeting is Thursday at 6pm @60WallSt. We need you! Tweet it! #ows #nycga
22:57 pm
Chepe: People are being killed in Nigeria. They need to see our #solidarity. Saturday 12 noon at the UN. #ows #nycga
22:59 pm
Library: Tonight @OWS_Library is occupying a swanky dance club, from now until 4am- music,dancing, and BOOKS! 34 VanDam St #ows #nycga
23:02 pm
Anti-Racism Allies: We're group for white people who hate racism! Sun 4.30 @60Wall-Also,We have copies of the Declaration of the Occupation!
23:04 pm
InfoHub: Remember on Dec 20 we passed a proposal to define what a WG is? 30 day compliance periods is almost over.. #ows #nycga
23:05 pm
InfoHub: If you need help, come to us! If you need to be an admin on your group on nycga.net get consensus in a meeting and bring us Minutes
23:06 pm
InfoHub:"We're gonna read the list of groups w. are currently in full compliance. If you're not one of these groups, you need to do better!
23:06 pm
23:08 pm
Direct Action,Arts&Culture,Facilitation,Deisgn,EarthSummit,Housing,InfoHub,QueerCaucus,Occupy the Youth,POC,Kitchen,Principles of Solidarity
23:10 pm
Tech Ops, 99% Declaration, Translation, Visions & Goals, OWS_Works,Wellness Cluster, WOW Caucus.
23:17 pm
If you don't see your group listed, you need to get in compliance by having public mtgs, posting minutes, etc. See InfoHub for help! #nycsc
23:18 pm
That's all for tonight, folks! This has been @shawncarrie for the #OWS Livetweeting Team, signing off. #OWS #NYCSC - ALL DAY ALL WEEK
23:50 pm