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RT @wookietv: @LibertySqGA this i believe is the petition that was passed around last night, http://t.co/QVzAtumL
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RT @sparrowmedia: @LibertySqGA can you make an emergency announcement that #OWS protestors in #Kano #Nigeria are being shot at w/ live a ...
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19:19 pm
Hey y'all! We're starting the GA here at Liberty Square - first GA here of 2012! Stay tuned here and at @libertySqGA2 & @LibertySqGA3 #nycga
19:20 pm
Brett (@PoweredByCats) and Carrie (@carriem213) co-facilitating tonight, if that's cool with all of us. (mad love!) #nycga
19:21 pm
Stairs is reviewing the consensus process now. A few changes lately, mostly around taking more temp checks to see how we're all feeling.
19:22 pm
Brett: "You don't have to love the proposal, but if you're okay with the group moving moving, you can voice personal concerns w/standasides"
19:23 pm
"Blocks involve the community as whole, not personal concerns. We address blocks as community-wide concerns, they're very serious." #nycga
19:24 pm
"When the consensus process has failed, we need to resort to Modified Consensus, or a vote. MC is simply yes or no. We need 9/10 to proceed"
19:24 pm
Carrie: "Anyone here for the first time? (some) yay! I'm gonna review hand signals!" [Oh nostalgia...] #ows #nycga
19:26 pm
Done reviewing hand signals, now opening stack for Working Group reportbacks. We won't be using People's Mic tonight... #ows #nycga
19:28 pm
Healthcare for the 99%: We are a working group at #OWS! There's a dinner to talk about turning hospitals into for-profit enitites... #nycga
19:28 pm
..."and we're hosting an alternative breakfast to give people information and education" #nycga #ows
19:29 pm
@justinstoned from Info/ComHub: We're trying to bring information back to the park! We need help, but we're working w/ other WGs.. #nycga
19:30 pm
Lauren from Minutes: Hey all! Minutes are super important, to remain transparent and preserve our story! If you have fast fingers... #nycga
19:31 pm
..."then come join minutes! We need your help!" #nycga #ows
19:32 pm
Jason from @OWSFacilitation: Great idea or newcomers to come to Intro to Direct Democracy, every day at 5:30 @60WallSt! #nycga
19:33 pm
@shawncarrie from Direct Action: Hey guys! We had an action on Monday against #NDAA, which basically rips your 6rh Amendment rights.. #nycga
19:34 pm
..."out of the Constitution and shits on them-so we stomped around midtown and had a flashmob at Grand Central. We are #winning!" #nycga
19:35 pm
Now done w WG reportbacks, now going on to an emergency proposal:Stairs notes that Emergency Proposals arise out of unforeseen circumstances
19:37 pm
Jason: "My emergency proposal is to freeze all spending of the general fund. I was part of original #Sept17 planning team, and our idea..
19:39 pm
..."was to provide a space for public assembly and dialogue. But we've lost that. Talking about $ at GA every day prevents us from"..#nycga
19:39 pm
.."having the conversations we need to. So my proposal is to freeze all spending, except for bail fund, until we have a new occupation"
19:40 pm
"I couldn't figure out the process of how to sign up on the website and submit a proposal, so I was 4 hours late, that's why it's an EP"#ows
19:42 pm
Stairs is taking a temp check if we think that this fits the descriptions for an Emergency Proposal. Very negative. Moving on. #nycga #ows
19:42 pm
Is Comfort here to present its proposal? No. Is Nan here to present? No. Next is Stop Stop&Frisk #ows #nycga
19:43 pm
"Hi! We're Stop Stop&Frisk! A little background, the #NYPD has a policy of stopping people and searching them." #ows #nycga
19:45 pm
SS&F:"88% of people stopped and frisked are young black males. People don't know their rights. So we are asking for $2,00 per week..." #ows
19:46 pm
Now opening stack 4 CQs: @justinstoned:"Have you talked to other WGs who might be able to help you with your costs? Sounds like they could"
19:47 pm
CQ: Is that $2,000 budget a one-time budget, or weekly?" A:"Weekly budget." #ows #nycga
19:48 pm
PoI: @OWSScreenGuild can help you! Email us at owsScreenGuild@gmail.com! Any WG can work with us! #nycga #ows
19:49 pm
CQ:"Can you clarify your relationship w Harlem Children's Zone? You said you worked w them." A:"We just met w them first time today." #nycga
19:51 pm
..."We hope to work with the kids, in the neighborhoods where stop & frisk happens." #ows #nycga
19:51 pm
Now moving on to stack for Concerns & FAs. First:"My FA is that you work w other groups, like A+C, ScreenGuild..." #nycga #ows
19:53 pm
"We're cool w working w Screen Guild for t-shirts, but we won't be able to do that with the buttons and metrocards." #ows #nycga
19:54 pm
Concern: "We have 130 WGs, $2,000 per week for one WG is way too much" #nycga #ows
19:55 pm
Concern:"My concern is that you don't understand our process and what is available to you in this community. That concerns me." #ows #nycga
19:56 pm
Proposers:"@OWSAccounting told us that we should ask for food as part of our budget, bc we are usually too far away from @OWS_KITCHEN"#nycga
19:57 pm
Someone from Accounting:"I'm sorry that someone told you that, we've had trouble finding desk staff, but that's not our group policy."#nycga
19:58 pm
Stairs notes that we've run out of time on this proposal. Temp check on extending time? Pretty mixed... The proposers have tabled. #nycga
19:59 pm
Next proposal is Policy on Blocks. Sean is proposing: "At every stage in the process, facilitation has the ability to say "that's not a CQ"
20:00 pm
.."but doesn't ever comment on the validity of blocks. We've had a consistent problem with people blocking into the double digits.."#nycga
20:01 pm
"...People not blocking for valid reasons that are relevant to the community as a whole. 'I want a pony' is not a valid block." #nycga #ows
20:02 pm
Proposers are talking kind of fast, find the proposal here: http://t.co/S65X17zN #nycga
20:03 pm
Now on to CQs: "My understanding of Modified Consensus is that it is used to weed out frivolous blocks.Are we going to continue that?"#nycga
20:05 pm
A:"Yes, we will still be using this new protocol in conjunction with Modified Consensus" #ows #nycga
20:07 pm
Nan:"Sometimes people block bc they're uncomfortable to speak, and they may have info for the whole movement but not want to say it."#nycga
20:09 pm
"Nan: This proposal seems to want to silence & marginalize people. Are you trying to take power away from the people?" #nycga #ows
20:09 pm
small argument breaks out between Nan & the proposers, but ends with proposer saying he will not respond to that concern. "#nycga #ows
20:11 pm
CQ: "How can a group of people decide whether a personal's opinions are valid or not?" #nycga #ows
20:12 pm
A:"Blocks are not personal opinions, they are moral, ethical, safety concerns on behalf of the ENITRE MOVEMENT" #ows #nycga
20:12 pm
CQ:"@shawncarrie: Can you clarify if I'm right? This proposal is not to silence anybody, it's to empower the whole group to decide.."#nycga
20:14 pm
"...to decide together if a block is valid for the whole community. Is that right?" A: Yes. #ows #nycga
20:15 pm
Concern: @Nash12: "I'm concerned that this protocol will not solve these problems, but only further elongate the process." #ows #nycga
20:16 pm
"Modified Consensus should root out these problems." @NegestiC and @j_z_nelson also echo that concern. #ows #nycga
20:17 pm
Concern: "I had a long conversation with the author of this proposal, and we basically agreed to disagree." #ows #nycga
20:18 pm
"...What this proposal basically does is give the group to ability to silence someone's voice if we don't like them..." #ows #nycga
20:19 pm
"... and that's not what we're about." #ows #nycga
20:20 pm
Concern:"I think this might alienate people who block, and turn it into a popularity contest and turn them away from being with us."#nycga
20:21 pm
A:"This would apply to everyone all the same." #ows #nycga
20:23 pm
Concern:"I know people already bring a bunch of friends to GA when they want to block, and people might now start to rally to block blocks."
20:24 pm
Stairs notes we've run out of time on this proposal again. Temp check is mixed, Proposer tables: "I don't wann hammer anything thru" #nycga
20:27 pm
Next Proposal: Remove 99% Declaration Group from NYCGA.net. Nobody here to present. Next is a proposal for new group, "Liaisons & Advocacy"
20:27 pm
Jason is presenting: the proposal can be found here: http://t.co/dwSfTgGn #nycga #ows
20:30 pm
"You said you want to bring groups together.. That's a loot of work. Have you tried joining other groups to do that work?" #ows #nycga
20:32 pm
Someone gets up on a rant, can't tell if he's part of proposal team or not. conversation is mixed...
20:34 pm
"We want to work to bring groups together, work with new people to get involved with the movement..." Ravi PoI's:... #ows #nycga
20:35 pm
Ravi:"Hi! I'm work w Volunteer Services-we're doing a LOT of the same things as you. We'd love to have you work with us! Want to?" #nycga
20:36 pm
Proposers having back&forth, can't hear... Ravi PoI's again:"Hate to do this so much bc you guys have great ideas, but..." #nycga #ows
20:38 pm
"..But ComHub does some of those same things every day." Proposers: "We're not necessarily trying to do exactly what ComHub does" #nycga
20:40 pm
Stiars notes we've run out of time. Temp check looks mixed... Deciding what to do. #ows #nycga
20:44 pm
Proposers do not want to table, but we do not give consent to give more time. Proposers are bummed. #ows #nycga
20:46 pm
@shawncarrie PoI's: "This group not giving consent to keep talking doesn't mean that you can't do the work you wanna do. Ppl made offers..
20:46 pm
..."to join them and do the work you wanna do,I suggest you take them up on that." #ows #nycga
20:47 pm
Next us is Strong Women Rules:"We had a proposal to disband Spokes Council, but we're not bringing it today. Instead we wanna talk about.."
20:48 pm
Nan: "Spokes Council is not working because of egocentric, powergrabbing people." #ows #nycga
20:50 pm
Nathan: "Tell me if we're on the same page-#nycsc is for working groups, GA is for the movement. Last night we approved $ Medical" #nycga
20:51 pm
"..Last week at GA, we had proposal to give $ to @OccupyOakland - if that had been at GA, I would have agreed that SC is out of bounds"#ows
20:52 pm
Nan talks way too fast for me to keep up. Sorry, but that's why we have minutes! They're like Livetweeters 2.0! #nycga @carriem213
20:53 pm
Someone:"I believe people w skills should be putting themselves out there and connecting, and Spokes Council allows them to do that"#nycga
20:57 pm
Stairs notes that we're out of time. Someone PoP's that we run out of time because we don't close stack on time. #nycga #ows
20:58 pm
Other proposers who weren't here still aren't here, so that's it for the agenda! Now moving on to announcements #nycga #ows
20:58 pm
1st: Tomorrow, we're having a debrief on #J3 action against #NDAA 2:00 @60WallSt - also at 5pm, conversation on your constitutional rights
21:00 pm
We will be having regular affinity meetings about #NDAA @60WallSt Friday at 5pm and Sundays at 3pm.
21:02 pm
Next:We're going to have an action tomorrow at Bloomberg's mansion starting at 2:00 @ 79th St & 5th Ave. Bring cameras! Film the police!#ows
21:03 pm
"We are getting arrested and beaten and there are NOT ENOUGH CAMERAS IN THE STREETS!" #ows #nycga
21:05 pm
Think Tank: We need facilitators to go have Think Tanks in Washington DC on #J17! We got a permit to be on the steps of the Capitol! #nycga
21:09 pm
Stairs: Hey y'all! @OWSFacilitation meets Tues/Thurs/Sat at 4pm @60WallSt! Also Intro to Direct Democracy at 5:30! Come be a facilitator!
21:12 pm
@shawncarrie: Hey y'all! [This is me] DA meets every day except Saturday! Come to our meeting tomorrow for #J3 debrief, and Intro to NVDA!
21:14 pm
That's all for GA tonight, folks! Looks like we're gonna soapbox now, I'm definitely gonna do 'anticapitalista'... #ows #nycga
21:14 pm
This has been @shawncarrie for Liberty Square GA Livetweets, see you next time! #ows #nycga