13:17 pm
RT @heratylaw: #SpokesCouncil tonight is 7PM @ West Park Pres Church: http://t.co/WrxBts4a (nr 1/2/a/b/c lines) #ows #nycsc
13:17 pm
RT @heratylaw: #SpokesCouncil tonight is 7PM @ West Park Pres Church: http://t.co/WrxBts4a (nr 1/2/a/b/c lines) #ows #nycsc
13:17 pm
RT @heratylaw: #SpokesCouncil tonight is 7PM @ West Park Pres Church: http://t.co/WrxBts4a (nr 1/2/a/b/c lines) #ows #nycsc
13:17 pm
RT @heratylaw: #SpokesCouncil tonight is 7PM @ West Park Pres Church: http://t.co/WrxBts4a (nr 1/2/a/b/c lines) #ows #nycsc
15:30 pm
Tonight's #NYCSC is in a new location: West Park Presbyterian Church, 165 West 86th at Amsterdam. See you there at 7pm! http://t.co/UCfrionO
18:38 pm
We just got to the church! We'll see you guys soon! Pre-discussions include informal direct action plans for the spring.
19:49 pm
Here we go! Spokes council begins momentarily #ows #nycsc
19:54 pm
Danielle, repping the People of Color Caucus, starts by telling us about how the PoCC felt about last time. #nycsc #OWS
19:56 pm
PoC: Our group was accused of being racist. We're not. We just want people to pay attn to these issues which exist. #ows #nycsc
19:56 pm
(PoC = people of color working group) #ows #nycsc
19:57 pm
PoC: For example the Aryan sign brought to the Spokes council. People didnt feel safe and thats real. #ows #nycsc
19:58 pm
PoC: And it's not just people of color. It's all of us to make sure we all feel safe in this space. #ows #nycsc
19:59 pm
PoC: We dont want to marginalize any groups of people. When we see that, lets examine, discuss, & come to an understanding. #ows #nycsc
20:00 pm
PoC: We have a living document addressing many issues u have brought to our attention. #ows #nycsc
20:01 pm
PoC: On Wednesday, we want to present our final draft where u can propose your friendly amendments #ows #nycsc
20:02 pm
PoC: This is about all of us and if we dont work together, we'll fail. #ows #nycsc
20:02 pm
Stack is now open. #ows #nycsc
20:04 pm
Sage: I feel like our community is attracting a bunch of isolating ppl. I mean does any1 give a fk about any1 else here? #ows #nycsc
20:06 pm
Sage: I feel like none of u have made any decisions that really matter to me. #ows #nycsc
20:06 pm
Sage: Or are we all a bunch of negative, selfish Americans? #ows #nycsc
20:06 pm
Stairs: Im sorry Sage. Is this a clarifying question? Sage: Oh sorry. Didnt know. I dont know what ur talking about #ows #nycsc
20:07 pm
Stairs: ok we're going to keep moving. #ows #nycsc
20:07 pm
Stack: Is this a living document? #ows #nycsc
20:08 pm
PoC: We would like it to be. We want this to be issue specific, not race or gender specific. #ows #nycsc
20:09 pm
Stack: I feel what Sage brought up is a real issue. I think this can be solved by addressing race & gender specific issues #ows #nycsc
20:10 pm
Stack: Lets take Jewish people. Their experience is different than the black mans. So when we march, how about a march for.. #ows #nycsc
20:11 pm
Stack: ... people belonging to a specific group (eg spanish, jewish, blacks) #ows #nycsc
20:11 pm
PoC: We believe in part this could be good & we will be looking at such proposals at our meeting tomorrow. #ows #nycsc
20:12 pm
(Side discussions taking place, stairs regains convo) #ows #nycsc
20:13 pm
Stack: I want to recognize the difference bw ppl and that between ows & the outside world. Are we doing enough to make ...#ows #nycsc
20:13 pm
Stack: ...a level playing field? #ows #nycsc
20:15 pm
PoC: I think we all have tried to bring change. In terms of the outside world & ows, although we're trying to create something..#ows #nycsc
20:16 pm
PoC: ..different, we were educated & work within that external system. We need to look at ourselves & our internal dynamics... #ows #nycsc
20:16 pm
PoC:.. to continue moving forward in the society we find ourselves in. #ows #nycsc
20:17 pm
PoC: Also, i think creating an effort to reach those who are on the fringe, who are marginalized, is paramount. #ows #nycsc
20:18 pm
(Now arguments are breaking out) #ows #nycsc
20:19 pm
(Stairs reclaiming the conversation) #ows #nycsc
20:21 pm
Stack: I realize there are different responses to PoC statements, but please dont interrupt her while she addresses ur concerns #ows #nycsc
20:22 pm
Stairs: We have gone over the 10 minutes. But, i recommend u get PoC's contact info #ows #nycsc
20:23 pm
PoC: I came purely to give a statement and dont feel like i can address all concerns w/o the entire group. #ows #nycsc
20:24 pm
PoC: My email address is dani.n.watson@gmail.com. please email me for add'l questions and concerns. #ows #nycsc
20:27 pm
(Currently taking consensus on facilitation team. Uptwinkles for all.) #ows #nycsc
20:27 pm
Stairs: Ok, so lets begin with working group report backs. Please get together in your groups if u havent already. #ows #nycsc
20:29 pm
Stairs: Also, this is the 1st night we have the new 7 day rotation in effect. Please write down your spokes' name #ows #nycsc
20:30 pm
SacredSpaces: we've been working on a community agreement. Copies are on the way. We're trying to collect as much.. #ows #nycsc
20:31 pm
SacredSpaces: ..as possible so we can make a decision this coming week #ows #nycsc
20:32 pm
DirectAction: 25 police officers, after our meeting, came up to us with zipties. Wintergardens might not be a safe space to meet #ows #nycsc
20:33 pm
VolunteerServices: We dont get paid for our services. We might change our name. We're working with techops... #ows #nycsc
20:34 pm
VolunteerServices: to create a secure listserv of ppl from around the world to communicate with one another #ows #nycsc
20:35 pm
StrongWomen: Park Slope housing has become a working group. Just an announcement. #ows #nycsc
20:36 pm
Allies: We focus on issues of racism that disproportionately affect ppl of color #ows #nycsc
20:37 pm
Allies: We hope we can continue playing our role within ows #ows #nycsc
20:37 pm
Music: We working on a huge music occupy festival taking place in the summer #ows #nycsc
20:38 pm
Music: So we need alot of planning help. Contact us at music@nycga.net. #ows #nycsc
20:38 pm
ThinkTank: We're preparing to do mobile think tanks at musuems & other places for outreach. See us on nycga.net #ows #nycsc
20:40 pm
Facilitation: Tomorrow a huge decision on a $160,000 budget will be proposed. Please come to Zuccotti park at 7 pm #ows #nycsc
20:40 pm
Accounting: Tomorrow we will propose a $100,000 budget for a bail reserve. #ows #nycsc
20:41 pm
Accounting: Yesterday, we pulled in $7,000 in donations. We also spent around $7,000. #ows #nycsc
20:42 pm
Accounting: We've brought receipts. Please come see us and we can show u how money is being spent. #ows #nycsc
20:43 pm
Accounting: it's no surprise that since actions have slowed down, so have the donations. #ows #nycsc
20:44 pm
Stack: How much is left? Acct: in one account $99k. In another, $170,000. We're also waiting more to put us at around $300k #ows #nycsc
20:45 pm
Nan: not everyone has access to Internet or mobile devices. Can u bring hard copies? #ows #nycsc
20:46 pm
Nan: Make it detailed. Who's handling our money? What account is it in? This is needed. #ows #nycsc
20:47 pm
Accounting: Well, come to the GA. Nan: I want to see this before the GA. #ows #nycsc
20:48 pm
Planning: We might get our army tents back and will discuss law&order stuff next wed 5-7 pm #ows #nycsc
20:49 pm
(Fyi - that prev convo ended bc of something tech ops related - was inaudible but seemed to quell argument) #ows #nycsc
20:50 pm
Printing: We have a printing budget. WGs please email me from ur WG email address #ows #nycsc
20:51 pm
Sean: We've had a lingering issue on media. One where media lost $350k. Thorn is here to address the issue #ows #nycsc
20:52 pm
Stairs: Ok. Lets begin creating an agenda item (stairs begin taking topics) #ows #nycsc
20:54 pm
When the tweets stop flowing, please click over to @LibertySqGA2, @LibertySqGA3, & @LibertySqGA4 for *moar* :-) #ows #nycsc
20:58 pm
(Returning to announcements momentarily) #ows #nycsc
21:00 pm
Housing: Our meeting place has changed to the Staten Island Ferry. We meet at 330 pm daily. #ows #nycsc
21:01 pm
Stairs: Agenda tonight includes Media, contact info, spring marches, and structured appreciation #ows #nycsc
21:01 pm
PoI: Guys. Occupy Oakland is being raided. #ows #nycsc
21:02 pm
RT @LibertySqGA: Housing: Our meeting place has changed to the Staten Island Ferry. We meet at 330 pm daily. #ows #nycsc
21:02 pm
RT @LibertySqGA: Housing: Our meeting place has changed to the Staten Island Ferry. We meet at 330 pm daily. #ows #nycsc
21:02 pm
RT @LibertySqGA: Housing: Our meeting place has changed to the Staten Island Ferry. We meet at 330 pm daily. #ows #nycsc
21:02 pm
(Sighs all around) Stairs: Let us be more resolved tonight. #ows #nycsc
21:03 pm
@heratylaw (@jopauca)
21:06 pm
Stack: All we have are discussions. How about we get things DONE (applause) #ows #nycsc
21:07 pm
Stairs: Ok. We can do a couple things. Table discussions, have a hybrid, and plan for next mtg. #ows #nycsc
21:10 pm
Stairs: We realize items on the agenda will be intense and last an hr. We're going to ask for consensus. #ows #nycsc
21:10 pm
(Many arguments are breaking out. Some have left) #ows #nycsc
21:10 pm
Stairs: Can i get a temp check on how to make Spokes more operational? #ows #nycsc (more arguments break out)
21:11 pm
(One member of facilitation is leaving.) #ows #nycsc
21:13 pm
Stairs: We want a consensus right now on those agenda items. Can i get a temp check? #ows #nycsc
21:14 pm
(Some uptwinkles, now many PoI's) #ows #nycsc
21:15 pm
Stairs: Ok. Im really sorry but i walked in here & didnt know what to expect (some one says but youre facilitation!) #ows #nycsc
21:18 pm
Nan: I think the woman who just left was marginalized. Lets begin working together as a family & talking w/ 1 another #ows #nycsc
21:21 pm
Someone says, "We need a new facilitator." #ows #nycsc
21:24 pm
Stack: Everyday we have open discussions to discuss these things. Please come to thinktank & air these ideas. #ows #nycsc
21:26 pm
Stack: Why are u guys having meetings during the GA? #ows #nycsc
21:26 pm
ThinkTank: Very good question but it's when our members can make it. #ows #nycsc
21:28 pm
Dan: i have an article that discusses creative action. #ows #nycsc
21:28 pm
Dan: i think these ppl, the imaginary foundation, can help. #ows #nycsc
21:29 pm
Stairs: If u want u get more info, contact dan after the meeting. #ows #nycsc
21:30 pm
Stack: We keep talking about how to makes Spokes work. Lets start the process from where we left off. #ows #nycsc
21:30 pm
Stack: Perhaps from the park. Lets set aside a day and just get it done (applause). #ows #nycsc
21:33 pm
Stack: I run comfort & this process is chaotic. Lets keep it simple & focus on working groups. #ows #nycsc
21:35 pm
Stack: We've devolved into a soapbox. Lets follow the process we had at one time. 18 WG were approved with 3 caucuses. #ows #nycsc
21:36 pm
Stack: I propose we nominate the housing working group as an operational group. #ows #nycsc
21:37 pm
Stack: I agree with Jeff. We should go back to process. Lets even pass more groups, but lets do it thru facilitation #ows #nycsc
21:38 pm
Stack: if we're here for a movement, let's MOVE. let's tighten up. #ows #nycsc
21:40 pm
Stack: We do need to change. Look at the Spokes Council now. Almost everyone has left. #ows #nycsc
21:42 pm
Lily: We havent gone over the agenda items or one proposal. So i think how spokes should function is critical. #ows #nycsc
21:47 pm
(Arguments have broken out) #ows #nycsc
21:48 pm
(Many criticize facilitator for doing poor job) #ows #nycsc
21:50 pm
Stack: I appreciate everyones frustration & i think we should look at spokes for what it is. #ows #nycsc
21:51 pm
Stack: our approach and interpersonal relationships are being affected by our frustration. #ows #nycsc
21:52 pm
(Now additional side discussions have broken out) #ows #nycsc
21:53 pm
(For those following, there were around 80-100 people here. That # has fallen to 30-40.) #ows #nycsc
22:02 pm
It appears the Spokes Council is over. Facilitation is ending it, but everyone is already talking in their groups. #ows #nycsc
22:10 pm
I want to thank everyone for staying here through this arduous process and many of you have addressed various, valid concerns...
22:12 pm
One was asked by @mikecane regarding media, Thorn, & missing money. I followed up with him after meeting & the following are his words...
22:15 pm
Thorn: "I dont know why everyone is mad at me. I'm just here to follow my dreams as a livestreamer. I'm doing nothing wrong...."
22:16 pm
Thorn: "I came here prepared to address any concerns anyone had, but unfortunately, the meeting dissolved. I wish it hadnt."
22:18 pm
I then asked if he will return to try again to make another statement to which he responded...
22:21 pm
Thorn: "I will be here Friday again to address any concerns and accusations."
22:22 pm
That said, if you're in the area, come to the Spokes Council meeting to hear the specific concern. If you cant make it, follow us here.
22:30 pm
Thank you again for all your follows, comments, and RTs. See you tomorrow when we cover the $100K bail proposal at the GA. Rest well.
22:36 pm
RT @America2_0: @LibertySqGA Thank you for your work. 99% of us appreciate it.
22:58 pm
@Conakat Don't know, we don't have anything to do w stuff that is posted at nycga.net.
23:02 pm
@Adam_T4 Contact the NYCLU/ACLU/NLG. This twitter account has nothing to do w how money is spent. Or bring a proposal: http://t.co/KRNv7uET
23:27 pm
RT @Adam_T4: @LibertySqGA I'd like to see some money spent filing suit against First Amendemenrt abridging local government actions. Whe ...
23:28 pm
RT @aaronbornstein: @Adam_T4 @LibertySqGA Some NLG lawyers are actively working on 1st amendment challenges. Call them for further deta ...