01:02 am
RT @lmnopie: @carriem213 @LibertySqGA I'm proud of you guys for holding GA at the stock exchange on Xmas eve. Merry Fistmas all
18:54 pm
Hi everyone and welcome to our 100th GA! We'll be starting soon! #ows #nycga
19:28 pm
Stairs: Tonight's GA is an "open expression" GA. We would like to open the floor to everyone... #ows #nycga
19:29 pm
Stairs:.. who wants to talk about the past, the present, and the future of occupy wall street. What would you like to be seen? #ows #nycga
19:30 pm
Ivan: I just want to say Happy 100th to Occupy Wall Street! #ows #nycga
19:31 pm
Stack: Over the course of 5 weeks ive slept here before the raid, i just want to say ive met the most interesting ppl here #ows #nycga
19:32 pm
Stack: One was a 90 yr old man who gave me the Star of David. It was given to him from his wife. #ows #nycga
19:35 pm
Stack: His wife was a prisoner at Auschwitz and was a long time activist after being rescued. She would have loved to... #ows #nycga
19:36 pm
Stairs: ..occupy with us. The star she gave to her husband was confiscated by the police during the raid. #ows #nycga
19:37 pm
Stairs: Although they both arent here to celebrate with us today on our 100th day, lets keep them in our hearts & mind. #ows #nycga
19:39 pm
Stack: Hospitals will announce a strike at Mt. Sinai. The nurses are overworked. Lets join them Jan 3rd & visit the .:-) #ows #nycga
19:39 pm
Stack: ... the labor outreach page on nycga.net for more info. #ows #nycga
19:40 pm
Stack: I thank you all for being here. You are some of the nicest, smartest people I have ever met. #ows #nycga
19:41 pm
Stack: I first came down here bc the papers said there were a bunch of crazies down here.... #ows #nycga
19:42 pm
Stack: .. and honestly i thought i could make some money off u guys. But i came down here and you guys totally changed my heart #ows #nycga
19:43 pm
Stack: Im a different person bc of the interactions ive had at occupy wall street. That is all. Thank you#ows #nycga
19:44 pm
Stack: Im from florida. Thank you for all being here. Dont let anyone push u down. We're on a journey. Youre on a journey. #ows #nycga
19:45 pm
Stack: Learn more about yourself and continue pushing forward #ows #nycga
19:46 pm
Stack: I am so glad to be here and there is nothing that the 1% can stop us from changing this world. #ows #nycga
19:47 pm
Stack: We are all beautiful and are all people who share the same life and dream - to help this earth. #ows #nycga
19:48 pm
Stack: 4 days ago, the veterans for peace set up a peace board. Their aim is to train veterans to stand between us & the police. #ows #nycga
19:49 pm
Stack: So be aware of the veterans coming your way. We stand with you! #ows #nycga
19:50 pm
Stack: When i first came down to occupy, i didnt go to meetings bc i didnt understand. I used to stand right over there .. #ows #nycga
19:50 pm
(Points to Broadway) Stack: #ows #nycga
19:52 pm
Stack: My aunt then called me and asked if i was at occupy wall street. I was scared of getting in trouble but i said yes.. #ows #nycga
19:52 pm
Stack: ..and she said I know! I see u on msnbc! (we laugh). Since then i go to the meetings and i encourage.. #ows #nycga
19:53 pm
Stack: ...everyone who occupies to join our working groups and help us grow stronger. #ows #nycga
19:54 pm
Stack: It seems to me that occupy will become more powerful as time passes. When u make a good thing and add other.. #ows #nycga
19:55 pm
Stack: ... good things, we realize how good we can all work together! #ows #nycga
19:59 pm
Stack: Lower manhattan is surrounded by such darkness. But, somehow, occupy was a beautiful thing. #ows #nycga
19:59 pm
Stack: So many beautiful lights came here and shone light not only here, but onto the world. #ows #nycga
20:00 pm
Stack: Lets be grateful for all that we've done despite how tired, cold, & beaten we are. This is it. Wait until the spring. #ows #nycga
20:01 pm
Stack: We'll show them how powerful we are. #ows #nycga
20:01 pm
Stack: There's still an encampment in Newark. You should really check us out. Get people there! #ows #nycga
20:03 pm
Stack: We're working on ways to reoccupy Zuccotti but more in a culturally relevant manner. Think shows & art. #ows #nycga
20:04 pm
Stack: My names Jeff. I'm an American & we appreciate all our international occupations. #ows #nycga
20:05 pm
Stack: We had a president in 2001 that started & continued all these wars. I felt i had no voice for my political views. #ows #nycga
20:06 pm
Stack: But then I started campaigning for years. And still, i felt like i had no voice. #ows #nycga
20:07 pm
Stack: Then i read in the paper about a bunch of people sleeping in a park that hadnt left in weeks. I was skeptical. #ows #nycga
20:08 pm
Stack: But i came down. And you know what, im still here and i finally feel like i have a voice. #ows #nycga
20:09 pm
Stack: Now that I, you, and all of us have a voice, I want our voice to be heard. And this is happening right now w/ all of u #ows #nycga
20:10 pm
Stack: The Bill of Rights is very important and i feel there is lack of support for opposing the NDAA #ows #nycga
20:11 pm
Stack: Im from a country where there is no due process. Lets show our strength and oppose the NDAA while... #ows #nycga
20:12 pm
Stack:...we still have that right! #ows #nycga
20:13 pm
Stack: About the NDAA, if it does get ratified, i know im coming down to zuccotti asap to let them know what i think is right #ows #nycga
20:14 pm
Stack: And, if we do get detained and go to Guantanamo, i wouldnt want to be with any other company! #ows #nycga
20:15 pm
Stack: There is also another bill called SOPA. Please stand against it. It will cripple the Internet! #ows #nycga
20:17 pm
Stack: I want you to look to your right and look to ur left. Now introduce yourselves to someone u dont know! #ows #nycga
20:17 pm
(We're all now introducing ourselves, conversing. Be back in a bit!) Stack: #ows #nycga
20:31 pm
Stack: mic check! #ows #nycga
20:32 pm
Stack: We do have one proposal. Justin, can u present ur proposal? #ows #nycga
20:33 pm
(Prev tweet was Stairs, not stack) #nycga
20:34 pm
Justin: Thanks. Before i continue, are there any blocks? Stack: #ows #nycga
20:34 pm
(One block) #ows #nycga
20:35 pm
Block: Im blocking u bc gifts were supposed to be handed out, which u were in charge of, never happened. #ows #nycga
20:37 pm
Justin: That is true. The person never got back to me tho. The money, however, was never spent. We still have the $3K. #ows #nycga
20:37 pm
Stairs: Given that, will u rescind ur block? Blocker: Yes, but keep ur word. #ows #nycga
20:38 pm
Housing: We would like to continue giving day unlimited metrocards. 140 to be exact. #ows #nycga
20:39 pm
Housing: we ask for $3,480 for these cards so WG members can continue making group meetings. #ows #nycga
20:40 pm
Housing: I have copies and will hand these out. #ows #nycga
20:40 pm
(Stack is now open) #ows #nycga
20:41 pm
Stack: Im homeless and belong to 3 WG. Will i have access? #ows #nycga
20:42 pm
Housing: Yes, but please see ur WG. A point person should be assigned to deal with distribution. #ows #nycga
20:44 pm
Stack: Will these ppl getting cards working as ows members? #ows #nycga
20:44 pm
Housing: We believe this proposal will give greater accountability & an opportunity to help those join who cant bc of travel issues #nycga
20:45 pm
Housing: Also, these cards are not just for ppl staying in churches. #ows #nycga
20:45 pm
Stack: i just read ur proposal and think this is a great proposal. I rescind my question. #ows #nycga
20:47 pm
Stack: some ppl take the metrocards who dont need it or use it for personal use. How do we rectify that? #ows #nycga
20:48 pm
Housing: Yeah. Thats true. #ows #nycga
20:49 pm
Stack: are these weekly unlimited? Housing: Yes. Stack: then personal use doesnt matter. #ows #nycga
20:50 pm
Housing: what if they come up here to ows, then go home? Is that unethical? #ows #nycga
20:51 pm
Stack: No. I just dont want ppl to use it for partying or anything else completely unrelated. #ows #nycga
20:52 pm
Stack: i hear the previous concern, but we're hear to hold one another accountable. Use ur judgment. #ows #nycga
20:52 pm
Stack: will those ppl bring those cards back? #ows #nycga
20:53 pm
Housing: You need to sign ur name and return ur old metro card. It helps the accounting ppl. #ows #nycga
20:54 pm
Stack for Friendly Amendments open. #ows #nycga
20:56 pm
FA: If u pass out the MCs, remind them its for ows business. Housing: come to our meeting. We repeat this everytime. #ows #nycga
20:57 pm
(Friendly amendment is accepted and no blocks) The Metrocard proposal passes! #ows #nycga
20:59 pm
Stairs: And we're done. Happy 100th for Occupy! #ows #nycga
21:02 pm
That's it everyone! Thank you again for staying with us for our 100th GA!
21:05 pm
Thank you for all your support. @DiceyTroop @heratylaw and @jopauca appreciate all your RTs, mentions, & follows. Happy Holidays to all! <3
21:34 pm
RT @elkinginnetti: and in NEW HAVEN. RT @LibertySqGA: Stack: There's still an encampment in Newark. You should really check us out. Get ...